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Love Plug: Nookii Adult Board Game for Two

Nookii is a cheeky adult game made only for two.

I bought this game for Emma as a Christmas present in 2006… I had to discreetly hand it over to her at a family gathering – although Em’s mother was all over the smoke and mirrors and knew I was up to something something…

About Nookii
It’s a game of suggestion… with 3 types of cards involved:

mmm… ooh… aah… and progressively each card provides both you and your partner with a series of things to do to each other.

You’re provided with a timer and two dies that provide you with a length of time that you’ll be pleasuring your partner. The mmm cards start off with tame suggestions, light fluffy and fun. As you progress into the game the saucier the cards become – once you’ve made it to the ahh stage you’ll have hoped that the phones are turned off and the doors locked….

You can purchase it here and have it delivered to your door in a matter of days.

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