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LoveStars Astrology Date Night Review

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I really, truly believe in astrology.

I’ve been scoffed at before for it, but that doesn’t matter to me. I’m still a believer. I could not be more of a Pisces if I tried. I’m your typical dreamy (read: flaky), emotional (erratic) romantic (unrealistic) type with an addictive personality and a penchant for water in any form.

The thing that surprises me is that my pragmatic, logical Taurus husband is also all for the star-sign theory himself. And true to his sign, he’s stubborn, loyal and has a sensitive neck (no, really.).

I read my horoscopes religiously, I pour over personality descriptions and compatibility reports whenever I can get my hands on them. I own that huuuuge book called The Birthday Book and I use people’s star signs constantly in reference to them.

Are You And Your Partner Astrologically Compatible?

So when It’s In The Stars contacted me to offer us a personalised LoveStars report that we could use on a date night, I jumped at the chance.

This website creates a personalised report based on you and your partner’s date, time and location of birth. All you do is go on, enter your details and for under $30 you’ll receive a detailed, incredibly accurate, highly personalised report in your inbox in a matter of minutes. Print it off and voila! You have a ready-made date night.

We sat down with our report and a bottle of wine and spent the night reading to each other the highs and lows of our personalities and how compatible we are based on these. The report gives you things to look out for when it comes to conflict, and lovely things that work so well between you when it comes to love. It will remind you again of your partner’s best qualities, and goes some way to explaining the conflicts you may have.

We found it pretty spot on, actually. There is honestly SO MUCH information in the report that I’ve been hard-pressed to pull only small bits out. Here are a couple that resonate:

For Emma: “You need variety and excitement in your love relationships, and would not be happy for long with a boring partner.” (hence, why we created this site!)

For Den: “You can be stubborn and obstinate, and need an emotionally adaptable partner. Once you’ve made up your mind, few can change it.” (Denis, stubborn? Nooooo….)

“Your mind moves very quickly, and you often act impulsively without considering all of the possible repercussions of your deeds. Your challenge is to develop concentration and self-control. If you can consciously slow down your mind now and then, you’ll be less likely to overlook the small romantic details which your partner loves so much.” (A perfect example is the way Den hits me with 20,000 business questions first thing in the morning and last thing at night, when my brain is slowing down and getting ready for rest, his is still racing a million miles an hour. But he can still manage to fall asleep in a heartbeat.)

Couple Enjoying a Lovestars Astrology Report

And as for our partnership, they gave us gems such as:

“Denis finds Emma stimulating and intriguing, but also irritating and upsetting. She may reject Denis’s ideas, which can be unstable or erratic; however Emma seems elusive and superficial to him. This aspect can cause difficulty in relationships and requires considerable understanding and adjustment by both partners. To make things worse, you feel impatient with each other and may disagree frequently on unimportant issues. At times Emma finds it hard to depend on Denis, which makes her nervous and upset.” (YES! Yes, Den does often find me highly annoying and yes, we get very impatient with each other when we’re at our worst. And yes, we often find ourselves engaged in a heated debate about very unimportant things, like whether we should have our supermarket shopping home delivered or not.)

And this lovely piece:

“Your relationship is based on mutual encouragement, sympathy, tolerance, generosity, trust, and loyalty. You bring out the very best qualities in each other, and you’ll grow, materially and spiritually. No matter what goes wrong between you, the good will always remains.”

All in all, a great date night that reinforces and encourages couples to talk to each other, pulls up things you may want to focus on and things that you love about each other. If you’ve ever read your star sign forecast even once, you’ll love this report created just for the two of you.

I know y’all will have a few questions about how it works with astrology and relationships and I’ve grilled Elizabeth from It’s In The Stars and will post some interview questions and answers next week for you!

What do you think? Do you believe in Astrology? Are you and your partner compatible?

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2 comments for “LoveStars Astrology Date Night Review”

  1. Posted by Keira | June 8, 2010, 4:21 am

    Hi Emma , I read your post with interest. Yes I am a definite believer in Astrology and have had several charts done and all have added something to my understanding of me ! My husband and I often comment that if our details had been on a dating site we would not have approached each other but if you look at our charts then it is quite clear that it was truly written in the stars for us to be together. Me sensitive Cancerian / him dependable Capricorn but with lots of overlapping signs to for difference with understanding. These reports can be great fun but can also be a serious tool for communication in relationships . Long may yours prosper !

  2. Posted by Elizabeth | June 8, 2010, 6:20 pm

    Keira, why not get a LoveStars report done for you and your husband? If you do the gift basket survey on It’s In The Stars (which runs until 30 June) you’ll get a $20 code you can use towards your report.

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