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M is for Money

I’m in the middle of a spring cleaning kick – of which you’ll hear more about later. Anyway, in the midst of my de-cluttering and re-organising and general dusting and stuff, my Organisational Mentor, Little Miss Sorted, had a great date idea for me.

You know how in every household there’s a huge jar of spare change just lying around? We keep one on the bookshelf near our keys, and we dump any change we have into it so we don’t have to deal with it. Sometimes, I’ll fossick through it to get change if I’m heading out for a latte or something, but really I’m just after the gold coins and the silver all sits there.

So, you take that jar of change and you find your nearest bank with a change sorting machine.

It’s just like the pokies! You don’t have to do any counting, stacking, sorting or anything. You simply pour it in to the machine and it counts your money for you. At the end, it spits out a slip of paper which you take to the cashier and they give you proper money instead of 3 kilos of silver.

Whatever you reap from this little exercise is your budget for date night!

Our change was sitting in one of those little round plastic takeaway containers. Tiny and overflowing. Dumped it all into a sack, and then I commenced a search of the entire apartment. We found more change in the bottom of handbags, in the car, in drawers and on desks… We guesstimated we had around $65-$70 all up in our little kitty. Bonus! That’s more than double our normal date night budget.

Yu-U Hidden Japanese Restaurant Melbourne

We hauled it to the bank and nearly broke the machine with a rogue New Zealand coin and a paperclip (note to self: remove foreign objects) and then watched as the numbers ticked over.

Our jackpot in the end was $91.60! Add that to our normal $30 budget that we set aside for date night and you got $121.60.

So we headed for one of our favourite Melbourne restaurants: Yu-U. This is Japanese food at it’s finest, tucked away in a basement down a Melbourne alleyway. There is no signage out the front, there’s graffiti everywhere and you just open the door and slip inside to sublime Japanese minimalism and amazing sashimi. They are so reclusive we weren’t even allowed to take photos! I did manage a couple before I realised we were in trouble for doing it.

We had yellow fin tuna sashimi, melt-in-your-mouth Wagyu beef, Teriyaki salmon and eggplant with minced chicken… all delicious. We happily paid our $100 check and headed home for dessert and True Blood on the couch. An impromptu and lovely luxe date night for two.

I threw out the plastic takeaway container we were keeping our money in and have replaced it with a huge jar, at least 6 times the size. Can’t wait for it to fill up so we can go on an even more decadent date night next time!

What are you waiting for? Go find your spare change!

Big thanks to Little Miss Sorted for the idea!

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