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Man-Colds Proven to Exist!

Man-colds do exist!

I knew it! I’ve been saying it all along.

Man Colds Do Exist!

Says the Daily Mail in London:

“Half of men will upgrade a common cold to flu and describe headaches as a migraine to gain maximum sympathy.

They will also moan more than women when suffering a bug or virus.

This is despite the fact they catch fewer colds and flu each year – five compared with women’s average of seven.”

Certainly rings true for me – we’ve spoken before about Den and his Man-Colds. The worst of it is, he refuses to go to a doctor, happier instead to self-diagnose and then sit on the couch with a little silver bell, ringing for my attention when he needs his nose wiped and whatnot.

But I have another thing to put forward to you – men use this same talent of gross exaggeration in the opposite way as well. Den doesn’t usually cook in this house. For three years now, cooking has been mostly my domain. Sometimes I relish it, but lately I’ve lost my cooking mojo and happily left the task to Denis for a couple of weeks now to see how he would cope. He’s stepped up, but my Lord is it at a cost.

You see, every meal he makes – whether it be throwing hunks of meat into the slow cooker or whipping up a spag bog – has to be fawned over for at least 48 hours after the fact. How good it was. How great it tasted.

And yet, if I do the same I’m lucky to get a “tastes great” without fishing for one.

Anyone else find the same thing? Men and their exaggerating? Do women have an equivalent affliction I can’t think of right this second?

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