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Me and Febusave

I am the first to admit that I’m crap when it comes to saving money. For a long time, I was convinced that there were many more interesting things I could be doing with my money, rather than hiding it away where it would never come out to play.

Things have changed.

For one, I can’t rely on a regular paycheck anymore. When running your own business, payday could be anytime! But then maybe not again for months.

And what I’ve realised more than that, is that I hate asking my husband for money when I do need it. We don’t have a joint bank account. I don’t have access to his credit card (actually, we don’t even own a credit card) and while the business we run pays the bills, my own cash for playing needs to be generated elsewhere.

So this year, I’ve committed to paying myself first when I do get money, before I go and buy those new shoes or have a few cocktails with the girls. And it brings me immense peace of mind to have an (albeit tiny) sum of money I can draw on when I need it. I have pledged 25% of every paycheck at least to my savings fund. And it is there for my rainy day times.

I was delighted when I found Febusave. The ANZ Bank has been great for years about educating women on the matters of money and this new initiative is ingenious. The idea is that you use February to form good habits in relation to saving towards your goals.

Almost 10,000 women have pledged to give something up in February and save the money they would usually spend… things like coffee, chocolate, bought lunches or shoes are great things to relinquish in favour of having some extra cash in your bank account.

The website is full of amazing tips and expert advice from some of Australia’s most prominent women. This week, we’ll be posting articles here about money and relationships, how to save while still dating and more.

Are you a good saver? What could you give up for Febusave and what are you saving towards? A wedding? A romantic holiday? A house?

$30 Date Night is a proud blog ambassador for Febusave.

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  1. Posted by Year on the Grill | February 17, 2010, 4:03 pm

    My wife and I have made saving a priority in our life. Works GREAT, and brings us closer. We garage sale for a hobby (She has 50 purses that she has not paid m0re than $5 for… many much less).

    At 52, i am retired and now we are saving so she can too

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