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“Me? Oh, I’m Naturally Gorgeous…”

I had just jumped out of the shower this morning and was in the office, pre-make up when Den suddenly asked me what was on my face. “It’s all shiny” he commented. I’d just moisturised. It was nothing different to my usual daily routine, but he’s usually at the gym still when I’m getting ready and isn’t used to seeing me that fresh-faced, I guess.

The Art of False Advertising in Relationships

Anyway, I was reminded of the days when he and I were first together. Being the vain creature that I am (well, if you’d seen my skin in those days you’d probably be on my side) I would wait until he was asleep to creep out and wash my make up off, then inevitably snap my eyes wide awake at some ridiculous hour of the morning and sneak again into the bathroom to touch up my face before slipping back into bed and reawaking a few hours later, supposedly “naturally gorgeous”. Ha.

How’s that for false advertising? The silly things we do. Anyone else guilty of the same? I’d wager money that there’s more than a handful of women out there who have done the same!

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One comment for ““Me? Oh, I’m Naturally Gorgeous…””

  1. Posted by Samantha Lake | July 4, 2012, 9:07 am

    I never got the chance to do that with my hubby! We met at Air Force basic, where the girls aren’t allowed to wear make up. The first couple times we talked, I was in baggy ABU’s and no make up (as was he), but when we got to see each other outside of boot camp, and I got to wear make up. Of course, he said I was beautiful, but wanted to introduce me to his family without me wearing make up, like how he met me and fell for me. Dawww, and now he hides my make up unless we’re going out on a nice date. He prefers my natural face ^_^

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