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Farmers Market Date Idea

Sat morn I consult the $30 Date Night guide… “FARMERS’ MARKET!” Brilliant… Emma will love it. Now, what the hell is a Farmers’ Market and where will I find a market such as this in the city of Melbourne?

alt text

I’m picturing sheep, cows, goats… farmers in overalls and straw hats sitting on bales of hay. Where you bought egg’s that still had poo on them and the milk still came in glass bottles with foil tops… this is exactly what a girl likes (minus the poo and milking of cows etc… but ponies… IF there is a pony, my brownie points will go through the roof!)

Let’s go googling… ahh Google, the eternal knowledge base – where were you when I was a teenager? Google gave me the answer within seconds – Abbotsford, 2 suburbs away from the CBD… easy! Now the hard part… get the girl out of bed!!! (its 10am on Sat by the way… and disturbing her sleep at this point is regarded as a cardinal sin!)

The Market… well, it definitely looked like a farmers’ market, but posh version to what I had in my mind. There were chickens, and sheep, and you could even milk a cow, either at 10am or 4pm (we arrived there by 11.30 and were gone by 1pm.) But there were no straw hats and the eggs were clean.

alt text

It was at a children’s farmer which was a lot of fun to see… kids chasing small animals and feeding them. I even saw one little cutie, she would have been not much older than 2 years old, she crawled under one of the farmer’s stall, sat herself down under the table and started to steal the stock that the farmer had placed there… her keen nose soon found CHOCOLATE!!! YUM!

Posh… what I mean is that the farmers have got creative with their labelling, things are definitely polished and refined as opposed to a piece of cardboard with “$2 per/kg apples” written with a thick sharpie.

Rhubarb and Cream tart… believe it or not, I’ve never had this before… ever! It’s something that I associated American TV with, something like the Beverly Hill Billies, bless those crazy hillbillies. Anyhoo, I’m proud to say that less than 3 days ago I was a virgin to the rhubarb and now a big fan of the tart.

alt text

My overall opinion about the Farmers’ Market – a definite date do!

Take your thirty bucks and go try some of the foods on offer, like buffalo sausages (don’t think Australia’s got any buffalos but hey why not try it?). Take some extra cash if you want to stock up for some groceries but your $30 should be on the experience. Go on kids, get out there and start Date Night! Or day… whatever… just get out there and have some fun!

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5 comments for “Farmers Market Date Idea”

  1. Posted by Ems | November 10, 2008, 1:50 am

    I’m still trying to figure out how they fit a whole buffalo into that one little sausage…

  2. Posted by Patricia | November 10, 2008, 4:37 pm

    No buffaloes in Austrlia? Just ask people in the top end. They were brought in for farming purposes but many have since gone ferrel and created a major environmental problem. They also crop up at rodeos – just ask a Territorian about the famous ‘Chainsaw’.

    Ask for Melbourne, the best source of information about farmers’ markets in Melbourne is at
    They’re a great institution for anyone who cares about what sort of food they eat.

  3. Posted by Howard | November 17, 2008, 12:36 am

    You can also get plenty of the fresh stuff from CERES (Cnr Roberts and Stewart Streets, Brunswick).

    In fact, if you grow your own fruit or vegetables, then you can take along your excess to the ‘Urban Orchard’ where you can swap them for other people’s produce.


    Make it a date!

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