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How to Give a Good Movie Night Date

alt textThe Incomparable Heath Ledger

Den has been hanging to see the new Batman Movie and we desperately needed to get out of the house (cabin fever was setting in) so Movie Night seemed like a nice, manageable date for the both of us. I jumped online to make sure we could book great seats (I HATE it when you wait in line for 20 minutes only to find out the only seats left are in the front row) and thankfully was able to track down a cinema that had seats left and handpick two perfect ones (we’re very specific – middle/middle and an aisle seat for ease of running to answer the phones when business bookings come through) at Hoyts or Village – I highly recommend this process if you are organising a Movie Night date, because the BEST bit is when you get there you can traipse past the whole line and pick up your tickets without having to WAIT.

We cruised in past all the people scrambling for the last of the Batman tickets, picked up some popcorn at the Candy Bar and settled in to the movie. (As a side note, I thought it was absolutely brilliant and by far the best Batman yet. It makes me sad that this was clearly a career-cementing role for Heath Ledger and he is no longer around to deliver us more of his brilliance).

So, Movie Night. What else can I tell you about it, it is after all a pretty standard date. Perfect for teenagers to sit in the dark and hold hands, perfect if you’re taking a new date and you want a buffer in case the conversation dies in the arse, and of course perfect for couples like us who want a low-maintenance but fun date out of the house.

The movies are actually a novelty for Den and I, we don’t get there much so just getting the popcorn from the Candy Bar and settling into the cinema is enough to satisfy me (ha – Den wishes!). But if you and your sweetie love the movies and make it a regular trip, here are some ideas for injecting some of that much-needed novelty into the experience.

1. Surprise your date with pre-purchased tickets to a movie you know THEY’LL love!
This has a double-barrelled effect – they know you’ve made an effort and put some thought into it because you’ve pre-booked the tickets. NOTHING IS SEXIER THAN MAKING AN EFFORT! They will also be completely stoked that you have taken note of what their taste is in movies and touched that you’ve put aside your own preferences just for a few hours for their sake… now that’s romance!

2. Organise some great snacks from the supermarket
Screw paying 20 bucks just for popcorn and a choc top! Smuggle some snacks in that you picked up earlier from the supermarket… pick out your date’s favorite munchies and surprise them once you sit down.

3. Splash Out

If you want to make it a special date, upgrade your tickets to Gold Class and indulge in the during-movie service of champagne, cheese platters and anything else your heart desires. Keep this one for the blockbuster movies that you are dying to see, don’t just pick a movie for the sake of picking a movie.

Anyone out there got any other ideas? Share, share, share! We can start this whole *novelty dating* thing with babysteps… and before you know it, you’ll be happily cooking dinner together naked! (we’ll get to that one later!)

Rate the Date

Romance Factor: 3/5 Dark lights, hand brushing over popcorn
Cheese Factor: 2/5 Depends on the movie, really
Fun Factor: 5/5 Again, kind of depends on the movie

Overall: An old favourite for good reason. Great for a first date idea as it takes the pressure off conversation all night. Great for couples that have spent a bit of time together that week as you don’t need to make additional conversation. Pick your film wisely though!

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5 comments for “How to Give a Good Movie Night Date”

  1. Posted by Nerida | July 29, 2008, 3:53 am

    Wow! What a great site – it’s one of those “why hasn’t somone come up with this sooner’ sites! As a busy working Mum of 3, our ‘dates’ have really dwindled over the years…along with our budgets (baby sitters can set you back $100 a night, easy)! So this site has been great for giving me ideas about how to keep our spark alive & well… so far so good guys!!!

  2. Posted by Chloe | July 29, 2008, 3:58 am

    Hi – LOVE this site!!! I took your ideas on board last weekend and I booked us tickets at the good ol’ ‘Drive in-s’! Was such a fun night. Got a roast chook from supermarket & other yummy deli treats, a doona, some champers & plastic cups (classy, I know)… and the rest is our secret. Suffice to say, had a ball. Simple, good old fashioned fun. Thanks for inspiration.

  3. Posted by Briony | July 30, 2008, 2:23 am

    Thanks for the much needed inspiration. As a mother of two under 4 date night seems to consist only of cinema visits, mostly due to a lack of funds & inspiration. Thanks to your site my hubby and I have a whole month of ‘date nights’ planned and are excited for following months with your great ideas.

  4. Posted by Kelly T | September 17, 2008, 1:18 pm

    I was reading a post on this dating site I belong to, Vdateonline.com, and it was about whether dinner and a movie dates were out. I don’t know how I feel about it. I am a movie lover so I think that movies are always a great date. Yet, I see how people feel when it comes to 1st, 2nd, 3rd dates. Daters want to get to know each other, so they want to find ways to spend time doing that. Movies can be a great way to relax though with someone you already know fairly well!

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