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mX Column: A Little Privacy

A friend of mine has taught her husband how to wax her pits for her. They are clearly a couple who are very comfortable with each other.

Me? I like to keep a bit of mystery going on in a relationship. Some things are best done behind closed doors.

Hell, I wouldn’t even reference my underarms in front of my husband, never mind letting him near them with a tub of hot wax.

I can happily tell you that in my entire life, I have never once whipped out a razor or wax strips in front of a guy. I don’t leave the toilet door open, belch or cut the cheese in front of Mr Man.

I’m a lady, dammit, and I’m more than happy if the men in my life have no clue how or why my legs get to be so silky smooth and hairless.

I figure it’s kind of like a tree falling in the woods: If no one is around to see it, does it actually fall?

It’s not that I think it would turn him off for life. I just like to keep a modicum of privacy about myself… and my hair removal tactics.

But as it turns out, I’m a bit of a prude when it comes to my attitude in this department.

A recent survey of 3000 women revealed that only 18 per cent purposely keep their beauty routine to themselves, even after getting comfortable in a relationship.

Seems most are happy to get around with their Nair on their legs, plucking chin whiskers or whatnot in front of their partner.

I admire the openness. I just can’t bring myself to do it.

It’s not a subject people take lightly.

When I wrote a while ago in a blog post that I found my husband’s glee in noisy bodily functions gross, one venomous commenter who thought I was particularly prudish wished him colon cancer so I could “learn my lesson”. Ouch.

Before anyone else jumps on that bandwagon I want to be clear: Let’s not wish anyone colon cancer over this.

It’s the lack of manners that gets to me.

I just don’t think “pull my finger” is appropriate dinner table conversation.

There are many – men and women – that will disagree with me.

Plenty of women are much more relaxed about their bathroom privacy, some even comfortable enough to, er, “go” with th door hopen or even, (shudder) with their partner in the room.

It’s a fierce debate that will no doubt continue to rage for eons.

“Door closed.” votes Lady V. “I mean come on, we’re not savages!”

I have to agree – I like to think we have options. We don’t have to have an open-door policy just because we feel comfortable with our partner.

And regardless of what eye-opening experiences you’ve shared with your partner in the past, perhaps reclaiming a small slice of privacy could be just the refresher your relationship needs.

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2 comments for “mX Column: A Little Privacy”

  1. Posted by David Patrick | August 2, 2010, 10:32 pm

    My wife is a good mix. She keeps her beauty routines pretty much to herself. She doesn’t like me to come in the bathroom when she is using it. She proclaims, “I’m a lady David.” But she doesn’t have a problem letting out a belch in front of me. (which still weirds me out, but that’s her). I keep saying, that girly stuff doesn’t bother me, I have two sisters and a mom, but she keeps her shaving, “lady days” and bathroom usage to herself. Maybe I’m grateful for that? I don’t know. Because I don’t know what’s happening behind the doors I’m not sure. I’ll take her word for it that if the “tree falls in the forest…”

  2. Posted by Emma | August 4, 2010, 12:09 am

    We ladies do sometimes need our lady days. Den doesn’t even know the HALF of what I do behind those closed doors when it comes to my beauty routine. probably best that way!

    Your comment does remind me of that Little Britain line though! “I’m a LAY-DEE”

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