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mX Column: Do You Play Together Anymore?

It was Her Holiness, Carrie Bradshaw that first introduced the world to the concept of Secret Single Behaviour.

Those little rituals we all have in the privacy of our house – Charlotte would check her pores for an hour in a magnified mirror, while Carrie stacks grape jelly and crackers while reading Vogue and standing up in her kitchen…

But what about the secret couples’ behaviour that we’re all guilty of?

Do You Play Together Anymore?

These are the things you get up to with your partner behind closed doors that are far too embarrassing to admit to your friends – and I’m not talking about kinky sex games here.

Tasma Walton ousted husband Rove McManus’s cute couple behaviour live on air a few years ago.

Rove is a self-confessed bird nerd who is fascinated by the entire feathered kingdom, and one bird in particular – the Plumed Bird of Paradise – does a little ‘entertainment-dance display’ to attract and impress the lady birds around him.

“And what everybody might not know,” Tasma says cheekily on the YouTube video of the clip as Rove wrings his hands, suspecting what is coming next “Is that Rove himself does a very fine display for me.”

“Tasma, this is private, at home stuff” Rove pleads from behind his hands as he turns a neon pink.

It’s one of the most adorable segments of television I’ve ever seen. But stuffed if I’d do that on live television.

Would you ever behave in front of your friends – in front of anyone else – the way you do with your partner?

I’m not talking just about the silly names you call them – heck, friends of mine go ahead and “Poopsie” or “Tinky” each other in front of company all the time. That’s nothing.

I’m guilty of singing off-key at the top of my lungs, made up lyrics (usually accompanied by some sort of dorky dance) just to get a smile from my man. Or sometimes just for no reason at all.

“I have an impersonation of a crab that I do, that cracks my boyfriend up everytime,” Says Tweeter R “It’s completely ridiculous. I would die of embarrassment if anyone saw it. But he asks for it all the time. And I oblige!”

All this mucking around may seem absurd when you try to explain it to others, but playing together is crucially important for a relationship.

Both laughter and secret rituals help you connect to each other and smooth over differences more easily.

It will help you overcome problems and setbacks as a couple, making you a more resilient pair together.

And of course it will help put things into perspective. Many a grumpy partner has been prodded into laughter by a clowning better half. So whatever it is you do together, keep on doing it.

Go on, ‘fess up below. What ridonkulously silly things do you and your sweetie do behind closed doors?

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