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mX Column: Why is Food So Damn Sexy?

What is it about food that is just so damn sexy? Even the words we use to describe it are hot. Gooey, spicy, steamy food.

Food and love have been linked since… well, probably since the dawn of time.

I’m sure the most romantic thing a caveman could do for his cavewoman was bring home a woolly mammoth and feed it to her by the cavefire, whilst lying on a sabre tooth tiger skin rug.

What is it about Food and Love?

Actually, that’s not too far off the mark. While scientists are still debating the precise evolution of cooking, one new theory has stepped out of the stone age to challenge our notions of relationships and marriage.

Men and women bonded together around the ritual of providing food for each other. Men would protect the clan from animals drawn by the flames and the smells while the women would prepare the meal.

The time spent together in these pairs at night fostered time for relationships to grow. So, perhaps, was born the old cliché – the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

But even all these years later, it seems that good food equals great sex or at the very least, romance.

There are the movies like Chocolat, or Like Water for Chocolate which captivate audiences time and time again.

There are the foods that underpin great romantic moments.

I’m talking about strawberries, French champagne, Belgian chocolate and oysters. Caviar and vintage soft cheese. Ripe fruits. Whipped cream.

These foods are invariably decadent and rich. They’re impractical for daily consumption. They’re expensive.

All of which makes them absolutely perfect in the romance stakes.

A dining experience with a potential mate can tell you a lot about them.

Psychologists now know that (in general) men don’t like women who order a salad and then pick at it, not wanting to eat. Women hate men that snap their fingers at waiters. Both sexes are turned off by obvious displays of gluttony (Augustus Gloop, anyone?).

I know one thing. I love a man that can cook. Or better yet, bake.

I have recently had the pleasure of sampling many butter-heavy creations from a real life French pastry chef (with a real life French accent!) and if we weren’t both already romantically reserved, I probably would’ve kidnapped him and chained him up in my kitchen so he could bake me chocolate croissants all day long.

As it is, I’ve got my man who makes a mean spaghetti Bolognese but not much else. He did bake me a chocolate cake once from scratch and all the girls in the office just about swooned when I took it into work the next day and they found out he’d made it for me.

There’s no doubt about it, if you need to up the romance stakes in your life, the best thing to do is orchestrate a decadent dining experience.

A floor picnic on a rug in your lounge with crusty breads, good wine and a cheese board.

A dessert-only date in a quiet corner at an expensive restaurant.

A candlelit dinner over a homemade three-course meal laced with aphrodisiacs, or even just serving breakfast in bed with a rose on the side.

All positively delicious, all guaranteed to whet your lover’s appetite.

This ‘How Was It For You?’ column was originally published in mX Newspaper on Friday 13th August.

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