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mX Column: The First Date

The first date. The job interview of the dating world. You have but one chance at this.

Don’t. Stuff. It. Up.

The pressure is on to make a good first impression. You want the venue to speak volumes about your taste, it also needs to be classy without trying too hard.

First Date Dos and Don'ts

My dear friend E was taken on a first date to Nobu once.

Now that’s all well and good if you’re the kind of guy who loves good food and wants to show that he has some cash to splash, but what about in the unfortunate case where She’s Just Not That Into You quite yet? Nobu for a first date? Really?

All an expensive restaurant does is sound warning bells and send your lady running away as fast as her first-date shoes will take her. And it’s a lot of pressure. It’s not a nice feeling for anyone involved if the relationship doesn’t work out but one of you has blown a wad of cash.

Of course, if your lady of choice is eager, a showy restaurant might be just the way to win her heart. But using it as a first-date trump card is risky. How do you follow that up?

From Tetsuya’s to ten pin bowling? From Movida to the movies? I think not.

You’ve done yourself a disservice before the relationship has even begun.

You could always do something fun and exciting. But make sure you know your date well enough first.

As M says: “My worst first date was at Luna Park. Would’ve been fun for most people, but I’m terrified of heights. Even more terrifying were the questions from him about our future and how many children I wanted!”

Of course, under-doing a first date isn’t good either. There are always the jokes about being taken to McDonald’s for dinner. I’m not joking, though – it actually happened to poor Lady A.

Luckily for him, he was young and stupid at the time. He even called to apologise years later when he was mature enough to know better.

If you don’t know your date very well (yet), drinks at a cosy wine or cocktail bar is a great option.

Then there’s always the option to move on to dinner later and, if you’re just not feeling it: “Oh, I have dinner plans now so I have to go.”

No harm, no foul, no money or time wasted on a $300 degustation dinner.

But what to wear? When it comes to clothing, you want to cultivate the “I’m this hot without even trying” look – which, ironically, can take a lot of effort.

Plunging necklines on ladies will get you some attention, but wouldn’t you rather he spent the night gazing at your eyes and not your girls?

As a rule, jeans, a killer top and awesome shoes will be a winner every time, whether you’re a guy or a girl.

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