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My Wife is a Petty Thief!

How many guys out there have woman who loves your stuff?

Emma says using my things makes her feel closer to me – from my daggy clothes, to my pyjamas (yes I love pyjamas!) to my socks and worst of all – my pens! “I feel closer to you when you’re not around…” I think she does it to annoy me! The pen situation is one that I’ve argued black and blue but is never resolved.

I don’t expect everyone to get the pen issue – so you may need to substitute pen for another noun that relates to you. Emma and I both work from home, on the same concepts (although we have different roles and rarely get in each other’s way). We both need and use pens like any other office job… although my pens frequently go missing… starting with the good ones.

These days I have to keep a secret stash of pens for emergency purposes. This drives me mental! Especially when I have a train of thought that I want on paper fast!

The bathroom is another place where things should not be shared… I think the person who developed the double sink bathrooms is a genius and deserves a medal! I bet it’s saved a lot of marriages. Emma doesn’t know this – a year ago I started buying an extra tube of toothpaste (a brand that I knew she didn’t like) just so she wouldn’t use it! Emma likes to squeeze toothpaste out from the top – not the middle, and forget about squeezing from the end – rather she likes the top, the closest edge to the opening, it’s such a pain! The new set up is the perfect plan!

Emma using my stuff IS cute… thieving my stuff is frustrating!

Update: Wow – my favourite felt tip pen has just arrived to my pen holder… how could this be? Only hours after drafting the first copy of this blog post! It is a mystery!

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2 comments for “My Wife is a Petty Thief!”

  1. Posted by MissEm | August 18, 2009, 10:16 pm

    Denis, I can totally relate to this one! I never go anywhere near my man’s pen. He buys really interesting pens that can be identified easily so that I can’t camoflage it anywhere in the house when I do my tidying up. Me? I just buy the box of bics and spread them round my domain!

    We are getting our house built at the moment and we will have seperate basins in the ensuite. Surprisingly it tends to be a given in newly built homes that the ensuite has two basins. It’s going to be a “who can keep their basin the cleanest” game when we move in! I’ll win for sure.
    And I hate it too when my man sqeezes the toothpaste from the top. I am forever rectifying the situation.

  2. Posted by Denis | August 18, 2009, 11:56 pm

    Thanks MissEm… how’s the snow season shaping up – I can feel spring time just around the corner!!!

    I cannot wait… one whole week in Falls Creek – 18 days and counting!!! YAY! Hope the snow is still fast tho… not yet spring time… keep winter here for another few more weeks!

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