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Mystery Date Box Idea!

This great, inspirational dating idea was submitted by Kirsty, one of our users over at $30 Date Night – I thought we should share it with you here!

“Combine all your favourite date ideas and put them in a box! My partner and I have created the ‘Mystery Date Box’ – Each fortnight we pull one date idea out of the box and complete the date within the fortnight. The box is full of different ideas and whenever we think of a new idea, we add it to the box. It’s exciting, mysterious, thoughtful and fun!”

Mystery Date Box

Brilliant! The analog version of our random date generator we have on $30 Date Night! I love the impulsiveness of it AND I especially love that these guys have a date night ritual every fortnight together.

If you like the sound of that, you know where to head for date idea inspiration. AND with our new account feature, you can get all high-tech about it and save your favorite ideas from our collection to your own private account for reference later.

Let us know if you have an awesome date ritual with your partner too!

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