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Married Life


Something strange has happened to me since our wedding. I’m not sure how much it’s affecting Denis, apart from the fact that two days after our wedding he turned to me and said ‘Let’s have a baby now!’

Now, we have a four year plan. A plan that doesn’t involve children or even our first house until, oh, say… 2013.

But. I. Can’t. Stop. Myself. It’s not even just the clucky let’s-have-babies urge that I’m talking about. That pops up every now and then, but is easily kept at bay by rational thoughts.

Nesting. Bad.

What I’m thinking about – what I am CONSTANTLY thinking about is my dream house, how I’ll decorate it, what it will look like, which fittings will go best, what style I’m going for… I lay awake last night until 2AM musing over what colour to paint my non-existent baby’s non-existent nursery in my non-existent dream house, for crying out loud! (Sage green, if anyone’s interested, with white ceiling, skirting board, door frame and architraves. Green because I don’t want to know if I’m having a boy or a girl when I’m pregnant, and soft pink goes beautifully with sage and yet green is still great for boys…)


I feel ridiculous! And yet I can’t stop myself…

Is this normal? Newlyweds, is this NORMAL? There is SO much to do before I get to that point, and rationally I know that four years is the amount of time I WANT to wait, I definitely don’t want anything to happen before them! I’m happy in my city apartment, living my city lifestyle and not having the responsibility of children. I’m happy plugging away at our new businesses while running our current ones…

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and look at some colour swatches and light fittings that I probably won’t even LIKE in 5 years time.

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One comment for “Nesting.”

  1. Posted by Denis | July 18, 2009, 12:43 am

    Babe… kids are great – but 4 years of zero responsiblity sounds better right now.

    STOP THINKING ABOUT KIDS and focus on the important things:
    1. Party & Night Life
    2. Snow & Beach
    3. Holidays
    4. Sleeping in
    5. Rest and Relaxation

    Like a good husband I will support you in these endeavors

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