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Nostalgic Songs from Relationships Past

I was driving along today when a song I haven’t heard in years came on the radio. Instantly, I was 13 years old again and listening to my boyfriend (my first ever boyfriend) play this for me on the piano. He had learned it specially because it was “our” song.

While ‘I love you always forever’ are ambitious lyrics for a teenage romance, it still tugs my heart strings a little to hear it. The nostalgia of hearing an old song that was “yours” is beautiful and touching and a little bit painful all at once. In fact, the very meaning of the word nostalgia is a combination of Greek nóstos, meaning homecoming and álgos, meaning pain or ache.

Every relationship I’ve ever had has its own song. Even some of the passing infatuations from hormone-fuelled high school days have songs. And every one of them still manages to get me a little choked up.

Do you have a song for your relationship? Your past relationships? What are they?

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