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Oyster Hour at Mezzo Bar

Mezzo Bar Melbourne

Oyster Hour at Mezzo Bar:

Pro: Mezzo Bar / Mid April (Australian Fall) Picturesque = a wonderful space, outside, summer breeze yet leaves falling in the top end of little bourke street, Melbourne of course.

Con: The date lasted approximately 45minutes – because we only spent $30

Pro: The date only cost $30!

Con: It wasn’t dinner but it was dinner time! I could have eaten more, and I could have had more drinks too! Basically, if I wasn’t so cheap I would have had my fill of great food and drink.

Pro: A dozen oysters + sparkling wine, yum n yum!

Pro: The oysters were delicious, fresh and half price! Yay for Mezzo and oyster hour!!!

Enjoying a $30 Date Night in an expensive restaurant is like going to a hooker for a hug. No matter what you do to prolong the occasion, you’re never really totally satisfied.

Here are a few tips on what you can do to make your $30 date work in an expensive restaurant:

  • Smash the complimentary bread and butter!
  • Only choose expensive restaurants that offer complimentary bread and butter
  • Fill up on a burger or sandwich while making your way to the expensive restaurant then only order coffee and dessert
  • Buy a really… really bad drink for both you and your partner, one that can only be swallowed in sips.
  • Order things that you don’t enjoy. In fact, I wasn’t too keen on oysters and really had to talk myself into it earlier on in the day to make sure they would slide down the back of my throat and not come up onto the suit next to me. Unfortunately the oysters were fresh and tasty!
  • BYO cockroach
  • Have your “A-game” conversation skills on parade!

It’s easy to impress new couples and honeymooners with date ideas, you can place these couples in the middle of a Westboro Baptist Sermon and they’ll still say they had a wonderful time together. For the long term daters, you need to find stimulation in “new experiences.” Anything that you have not done before is where you need to gravitate to.

Although trying one new food group simply isn’t enough, it can be a great starter to the date. If you’ve never tried oysters before, then this date is a great place to start. The Mezzo Bar has fresh and tasty oysters – I cannot recommend it enough and that’s from a guy that doesn’t particularly like oysters. But as the whole package – you’re going to need to add a little more pepper to this date.

I recommend:

    Break the $30 Vow for one night and see a 2nd or maybe 3rd drink – like any dinner / drinks date you’re going to need to be good with conversation. Easy during the honeymoon stage, can be harder for seasoned couples.


    Add a sequal to the night and make it a date night extravaganza! After your oyster and champagne experience (let’s call this first date idea entrée), move onto another $30 Date Idea. Something completely different, something not classy. Think casual, laid back and relaxed – maybe a round of pool, maybe a laksa dinner.

Mezzo Bar is located on Little Bourke Street at the top end, between Spring and Exhibition Street Melbourne. Oyster hour is available every day between 5 and 6pm. Curious about oysters? Go to Mezzo Bar, they oysters are fresh – they gave us a selection of oysters from east coast Australia and the Tasman, a nice touch! Even though the thought of oysters still turns my stomach a little, I’d go there again for their oyster hour!

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