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P is for Photography Night Walk

Hipstamatic Pics

This P date was a great one. My darling husband bought me a much longed-for DSLR camera a year or so ago and I rarely get to use it for arty shots. Mostly because it’s hard to find the time.

So I found this great Australian company, Photography Night Walks. They run tours in Melbourne, mostly, but have also been spotted around the likes of Sydney and Fremantle… I’m sure they’ll pop up somewhere near you soon enough!

The best part is, the Melbourne tour we went on only cost $15 per person. A whole group of people turn up with their cameras… Lots of SLRs, some with little instant cameras, some just have their iPhone and nothing more, but they produce amazing results!

And on our tour we were lucky enough to have, in addition to our fantastic guide, a real pro with all the lenses, tripods and advice you could want. It was casual, with the group meandering around slowly taking pictures, stealing inspiration from each other and sharing advice about shutter speeds.

Some of the walks end back at Loop Bar in the Melbourne CBD where they run a slideshow of everyone’s images for the night over a drink or two. Fantastic way to end the night!

Hipstamatic Pics

We had a great night. We just used our one camera between us and we took a tripod as well. When one of us was with the DSLR, the other went nuts with the iPhone. I particularly love the Hipstamatic App for moody, grainy pics that showed up wonderfully (as per these two on the right).

Our guide was great at giving us tips and had lots to tell us about ISO and depth of field and whatnot.

I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves now, because I think we did a pretty damn good job for a pair of amateurs that don’t know how to use their fancy camera properly!

If the Photography Night Walk crew aren’t in your area yet, then take yourselves out on an even cheaper date and devote a night or an afternoon to walking around your city and taking some great pics that you can frame and pop on the wall to remind you of a great date night. You might even get dressed up yourselves and have a model shoot for the day!

Happy Snapping, Daters!

What do you think of this date idea? Any photography tips for us? Done anything like this before?

The Gorgeous Yarra River
The Gorgeous Yarra River
The Gorgeous Yarra River
The Gorgeous Yarra River
The Gorgeous Yarra River
The Gorgeous Yarra River
The Gorgeous Yarra River
The Gorgeous Yarra River

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3 comments for “P is for Photography Night Walk”

  1. Posted by Kate | February 3, 2011, 2:21 pm

    wow, amazing shots! i lived in melbourne for 4 years and i know where all these were taken and that’s an awesome idea. going for a holiday in a few weeks with my man who loves arty hotography so i just might have to book in for one of these if one is on!

  2. Posted by Myncarcaply | May 23, 2011, 6:13 am

    у вашего блога необычный диз, сами верстали?

    значения фамилии

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