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Play Pool in a Seedy Pub

Can you remember the last time you actually learned something about your partner? Something that made you go “woah, that’s a little strange!”

Like when you first noticed your partner’s walk… or a laugh that made you kinda go “thats a little different”

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I learned something new about Emma on our “play pool in a seedy pub date!”

Emma’s hand-eye co-ordination isn’t something to be proud of… she admits it and has proven it many times over. Her mother even put her into dancing classes at an early age ’cause she was tired of watching Emma trip over her own feet and walk into walls and doorways.

When I announced we were playing pool for this weeks date, Emma was quite vocal about her playing abilities and the expression on her face clearly displayed that she thought “DAMMIT, ANOTHER LAME DATE!!! To ease the pressure, I told her I would play with my left hand as a handicap.

While playing pool, I watched Emma hit the white ball with little precision, for some reason hitting the ball on centre was not possible… so asked Emma to shut one eye to see if she can guide the ball. She leans over, right hand dominated and closes her right eye… I’m thinking “hmm, that don’t look right…”

Try it yourself… stick your right hand out in front of you, as if it was a pistol and close one eye. Automatically, if your right hand dominant, you’ll most likely close your left eye. Emma did the opposite.

So I’m thinking, maybe this is the issue. I asked, “Ems, close your left eye” she looked at me… paused… and replied “I can’t close my left eye!” and then burst into laughter with a slight expression of humiliation.

Emma and I have known each other for 4 years now… been together for 3. And I never knew this. I couldn’t believe it! I asked her to prove it… to try and only close the left eye. There stood Emma staring down a pool cue making the silliest faces at the white ball as she struggled to close only her left eye. From then on, I knew that the seedy pub pool date was a hit!

I get a little nervous taking Emma out on a date using the ideas from the Generator.

The pool hall date for instance… this was a tricky one as I knew that Emma wasn’t keen on playing pool. Mainly because she thought that she would suck at it… and people would be watching her suck at it.

What I learned from this date was that once she forgot about the other people the fun began. If Emma couldn’t relax, the pool hall date may have been total shit!

There’s always a risk that the date you take your partner on can become a flop… often expectations kill the actual experience, which is a shame… on a budget of $30 your expectations should be low. The fun is in spending time together and having a laugh.

And remember, not all dates are going to work for you…

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3 comments for “Play Pool in a Seedy Pub”

  1. Posted by Emma | August 11, 2008, 12:27 am

    Editor’s Note: In my defence, I have been practising (following the merciless teasing)and can now shut my left eye without pulling weird faces.

    Now I just need to learn how to whistle and I will be a fully-functioning human being!

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