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Real Life Couples

Real Life Couples: Brett and Mandy

Brett and Mandy have to be one of the most fun-loving couples we’ve come across in our web-travels!

They are daters in their own right on their side of the world, writing for Seattle P-I about their adventures on the town dating in Seattle, as well as on their own Brett and Mandy Date Night Blog, and somehow finding time to do all that AND to date in amongst their busy lives. Brett is a Financial Controller, Mandy is an Advertising Account Exec and they are engaged to be married.

Here, Mandy gives us the lowdown on the two of them.

Where/how did you meet?
At a Mariner’s baseball game on his birthday (The day before my birthday) … we didn’t start dating till 3 months after ‘cos (I found out later) at the time we met, he was in a relationship.

He added me on [then popular] myspace and, when he broke up with his missus, decided to ask me out!

Brett and Mandy

Was it love at first sight?
No, intrigue at first sight, definitely! We both knew it was something pretty cool.

How would you describe your relationship now?
That’s impossible. It’s such an onion. We’re definitely best friends. We are soooo much alike but soooo different. We both love to make the most out of life and are so happy to have found someone that wants to do the same. We piss each other off on a daily basis, but 5 minutes later we’re back in each other’s arms more in love than 10 minutes beforehand. It’s SO weird.

What is your personality match like?
We’re both stupid silly, and love to be playful and funny and dopey and nerdy. We don’t take each other seriously, nor do we take ourselves seriously. We are both passionate about staying active, constantly wanting to be learning, exploring, experiencing. We both believe in the same values and principals, politics, spirituality, yet respect each other’s difference in opinions (we won’t admit it, but we do).

How do you manage your time together? (Does work, socialising, etc, get in the way of you spending time together?)
Luckily our schedules are very similar. We LOVE routine, which is funny. We’re like an old married couple. I make the coffee at night, he packs lunches in the morning, and if we miss a day, well, we’re all out of whack. Ha. We both leave for work about the same time; we both hit the gym after work and are home about the same time… we take turns cooking dinner… so it’s great. We’re lucky that we do get to spend so much time together. Wish our 500 square foot apartment was bigger, though… it’s definitely been a testament to our relationship, living in such close quarters and staying madly in love!

Brett and Mandy

What kinds of things do you like doing together?
EVERYTHING! Literally. Our favourites though are snowboarding in the winter… stand up paddle boarding, camping, or boating in the summer; exercising (running, yoga), cooking together, trying new restaurants, funky festivals, concerts and live shows, comedy… you name it, we do it!

What annoys you most about each other?
Definitely our levels of procrastination. I can’t sit 5 minutes after dinner without doing the dishes (i want to get them DONE!) but Brett could put them off for days! Same with paying bills (he NEVER pays his bills on time!) which means I’m constantly ‘reminding’ him to do stuff, which is annoying for him, and he’s always putting important things off till they are late, which annoys the bejeesus out of me!

What makes your relationship tough sometimes?
Communication. It’s always the most challenging in a relationship, because there’s never enough—EVER. I’m always wanting to talk and [over]share my feelings, and Brett’s a bit more guarded… so it’s sometimes hard.

Do you argue? What about?
Ha. Yes, of course. About chores mostly.

What’s been the biggest challenge of your relationship?
The fact that Brett isn’t a permanent citizen (or doesn’t’ have a green card), and could be up and deported at the drop of a hat. Well, not really, but until we got engaged, it was hard because he was never really able to settle, relax, and feel comfortable and ‘at home’ here. Even with us being engaged, there’s still a bit of uneasiness. Now that he’s closer to getting a green card (my nickname is ‘greensie’), it’s been better. He’s been able to relax a lot more and realize that he’s here for the long haul, no matter what, even if it means we run down to the courthouse if he loses his job, and get married next week!

What’s been the biggest reward of your relationship?
Finding my best friend – someone i can laugh with and be my stupid self around and still loves me unconditionally.

What do you think is the secret for a happy marriage?
Not sweating the small stuff, not taking yourself too seriously, realizing NO ONE is perfect, communication, understanding, patience, and DEDICATION.

What’s your favourite kind of date night to do together? Your favourite Seattle place you’ve been to so far?
Our favourite date nights are actually the ones we do at home! Our Paint Party, or French Night… but our favourite place we’ve been is a restaurant called Elemental @ Gasworks. You don’t order – the owner comes up to you and simply asks, ‘is there anything you don’t eat’ and then starts cooking for you. It’s a 3-hour event, course after course matched with the most brilliant wines. It’s like a dance. And at the end, you’re not even allowed to tip, because their tip is the pleasure of seeing their customers so incredibly satisfied after a meal. That in itself is so noble, i think. I just love the whole idea of the place. You can read our review about it here. ☺

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