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S is for Shopping

I’m not one of those women who drags their husband shopping for new clothes. I always feel sorry for them, the guys who sit forlornly outside the changerooms in boutiques as their woman parades garment after garment in front of them for their “opinion”.

I saw a lot of it when I worked a brief stint in retail while I was at Uni. Most often, men would accompany their women in to choose a special occasion dress. They would be dragged from shop to shop in a huge mall, exhausting their feet and their coping skills. All to “help” pick the perfect dress.

You know what? They don’t care. They really don’t. At least, mine doesn’t.

And besides, I much prefer to surprise him with my complete on-the-night look at a wedding or a special dinner. With the hair and the make up and the jewelry and the heels and the what-not.

Not my unshaven legs and the wrong bra on in a badly-lit changeroom. Talk about killing the romance. Give me the sweeping-staircase prom entrance anyday.

On another point, I barely ever go shopping with anyone. I like to fly solo. I have my own shopping style, I don’t like to feel pressured, I don’t like to feel like I’m wasting anyone’s time… and I don’t need anyone else’s opinion.

Den has his own shopping style too. It’s completely different to mine. I don’t mind shopping with him, per se, but if he’s going to buy something – anything – he likes to marinate on it. Sometimes for days, or weeks. He likes to look at it ten times, in ten different shops. He likes to make sure he’s making the perfect decision.

I send him alone, mostly. It drives me mad to stand around with all that indecision.

But we’ve bought a new place to live, so it’s inevitable we are going to have to do some shopping together. And decking our your new house – or getting inspiration for it – is fun.

Shopping at Ikea

At least in these early stages, it is.

I’m sure if we fast-forward three months in time to our kitchen renovation plans, we’ll end up arguing on the shop floor about which oven we should buy and why white tiles are a stupid idea.

All the same, for our S date night, we went shopping. At Ikea, no less.

It was fun! We are all in abstract phase at the moment, which means we have no measurements from the new place. We can’t make any decisions yet anyway (Den was in chronic-browser’s heaven!) and we were just taking time to figure out, conceptually, what sort of things we liked in the way of décor, furniture, kitchen cabinets, etc.

We could not have been more domestic if we tried – we exclaimed over clever storage solutions, emphatically vetoed things like laminate benchtops and philosophised about the benefits of a one-colour kitchen versus a two-toned one.

We weren’t the only ones. Tiny wars broke out all over the Ikea maze as we followed the arrows on the pathway to Homemaker Heaven. Couples who were once like us were now all “You can’t POSSIBLY like that rug? It’s awful!”

I can’t help but think it’s all going downhill from here.

Shopping at Ikea

It was a great night, though! We intended to buy something new for our place while we were there with our date night budget, but nothing really grabbed us. So we got some food at the Ikea café instead.

Anyone got advice to offer about moving into a new house as a couple? About choosing paint colours and renovating?

Also, what’s with 50-bajillion shades of white to choose from when it comes to paint?

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