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San Francisco: Nick’s Crispy Tacos


No doubt about it, San Francisco is a massive city with lots to do and see! Even still, Nick’s Crispy Tacos is no secret to the Bay Area.

Located near the corner of Polk St & Broadway in Nob Hill – this place was packed, and for good reason too. Davide, a good friend of mine and a San Fran local chaperoned me as I have left the beautiful wife back in Australia to look after our massage business back home.

The food was sensational, filling and cheap! And you know how much I love being cheap. Undeniably the fish tacos are a must; we shared a pulled pork burrito called canitas and salsa on corn chips – pescado. Now, Mexican food in San Fran is common and yes in Australia it’s easy to find, but it’s not something that I eat regularly. So for my virgin taste buds Nick’s Crispy Tacos was delish, although I am confident that the average Mexican wouldn’t shake their head when walking past.

I love the look of the space inside. As you can see in the pics,

Nicks Inside!

it’s a red background with red velvet and large chandeliers. I’m told that in the evenings it turns into a bar, the tables and chairs clear out for standing room which I thought was awesome. When I asked Dave what it was like as a bar, his expression gave me a clear indication that we wouldn’t be there after sundown.

The only problem I had with Nick’s Crispy Tacos was that the food went down so well there was no room for chatter! We munched, sat back and had a quick chat then left. All in all this experience lasted no longer than 30 minutes from the time we walked in and out. When taking your date to Nick’s crispy tacos make sure you’ve got a stash of our conversation starters and take your time eating the yummie yummie food!

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