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Date Night Fails

Sex On The Beach

Sex on the Beach

Its vacation time for Emma and me; we’ve survived the New Year festivities and are relaxing our way through a sunny beach-side Queensland holiday… The ocean is warm, the sand is gloriously soft and I’m feeling as frisky as a squid on Tuesday. Needless to say sex on the beach was a high priority on this beach-side vacation.

Last night we found a quiet side of the beach, it was dark and not a person in sight – so I thought! We start fooling around, just a little. And out of nowhere Emma notices a herd of people walking from the beach directly to us! Why us?! There’s the entire beach! We quickly moved along, looking for a new part of the beach, yet the crowd followed – talk about a collective cock block!

And so ended our beachside romance… Boo! Although foiled it was a fun walking back to civilisation giggling like a pair of 16 year olds that almost been caught.

There’s no denying it; sex on the beach is up there on the list of romantic things to do but I’m not sure if I’m convinced! I put it into the same category as dancing in the rain – sure it sounds romantic, but what makes it so? At the end of the day you’re just getting wet. I’ve tried that before and had a horrible time! Check it out here

Do you think sex on the beach has romance appeal? Have you tried it before? Could you make it happen?

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3 comments for “Sex On The Beach”

  1. Posted by Dave | January 20, 2012, 1:18 pm

    Went through something similar this summer. Closed the deal but right after we see someone walking toward us and it turns out to be a cop. Apparently it was his job to kick everyone off the beach at midnight and then he hassled us for a nearby beer can (not ours). Kinda ruined the afterglow just a bit.

  2. Posted by Bean | March 7, 2012, 7:01 pm

    Had the privilege of a pretty secluded beach… There wasn’t anyone for miles. But getting sand everywhere did dampen the fun! It’s not as romantic as one would think. Wouldn’t go there again

  3. Posted by Mandy | February 10, 2013, 10:56 pm

    Holidaying with my (religious) family means separate beds for me and my partner of nearly 3 years.

    So one night we snuck off down to the beach, full moon, waves crashing brilliant! I was wearing a maxi dress so just pulled up the front and no sand in awkward places.

    I would definitely recommend this!

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