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SUCCESS!!! Mineral Hot Springs Date… sorted!

This date night was brilliant!!! And spot on the money too! $15 each entry… BUT



It’s hot, damn hot. And sooooo so so good on a freezing cold night. You get to splash around in the outdoors, under the stars with plenty of greenery around you. It’s perfect for winter… when it gets dark at 6pm. The twilight sessions start from 6pm and finishes at about 8.45pm – TUE to THU.

There are 3 different pools at different temperatures… the hottest is scorching – enough to prune you in seconds – the next pool down is only 1 degree difference, you’d expect that it wouldn’t change much but the difference in temperature is remarkable – And the largest of the pools are a comfy 39 degrees Celsius.

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Honestly, spas are sort of “meh” to me. I mean we got a spa where we live so it’s not like it’s a new thing but the mineral spas were different… giving you a glowy feeling once you get back to your car, hmmm… maybe it was the lack of chlorine.



The Mineral Springs are just so far away from the city!!! And to make it for a night session midweek is lunacy! We were stuck in traffic for hours, and so we parked our butts in Frankston for dinner just to let the traffic die down. Quietly, I tried the mineral springs date on Emma the week before and FAILED!!! I ruined that date because we left late, I was hoping to hit the springs after the traffic. This time round, we left 2 hours earlier and slapped ourselves with intense traffic for miles and miles!!! How do people commute to and from work in traffic each day – its CRAZY!!!



There is no ugly – It’s too dark. The twilight session brings typically a younger crowd. The pools are lit up around the perimeter and the steam from the baths going up into the cold night is enough to blanket any unnecessary visual disturbances within your blissful field of vision 

In a sense, even tho it’s a public pool it’s easy to find your own little personal space with yourself and your partner.



If you live in the area – lucky you! Do this for date night. If you live in the city – don’t bother trying to get there for the twilight sessions during the week just because its $15 each. Spend the dough to make it part of a day trip and go a t a time where the traffic won’t do your nut in!!!

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