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What They Don’t Tell You About Summer Romances

Welcome back to reality, people. It’s been a sad, soggy summer for many, but even so, romance has been in the (rather humid) air for others.

Summer romances are beautiful things. When you’re on holiday, you’re a million metaphoric miles from your desk, from hounding emails and buzzing BlackBerries.

I’ve always dreamed of spending a European vacation in the arms of a gorgeous tanned foreigner (let’s face it, who hasn’t?).

Summer Romances

We would sip coffee at quaint cafes and spend afternoons lazily lying in bed. We would barely be able to communicate, being of entirely different native tongues. But we would get by.

And then, I’d come back home and never speak to him again, content in the knowledge that those two weeks were a moment in time never to be repeated.

Unfortunately for me, the most exotic my holiday romances ever got was sharing a pash by the campfire at the Sandy Point caravan park when I was a teenager.

But if you’ve returned to reality with the afterglow of a summer romance still lingering in your complexion, then congratulations, because it’s one of those things that definitely belongs on your own personal Bucket List.

With only a limited amount of time to get to know each other (and a safe reassurance that there’s an expiry date), holiday romances are intense and fast.

You can be anyone you want to be with your mysterious new love.

You feel close to them very quickly, and the affair will likely be a torrid and passionate one – all the loving, fighting and swooning that comes over time in the real world is rolled into one neat little piece of hand-luggage in a holiday affair.

More often than not, a summer romance is just that, best left where you found it between the sand dunes and the driftwood.

Remember when Danny and Sandy ran into each other at school after their perfect summer loving? Awk-ward.

Then it turns out he’s not the sweet boy she thought he was, and so in the end she has to completely change herself just so she can be with him?

I mention it for a reason:

Whereas once summer romances ended with the last day of summer, chances are that you didn’t get away without sharing your identifying details these days.

A quick Google search means your holiday fling can find you on Facebook in a second.

So what to do if you are faced with the opportunity to see them again?

Well, what’s another cheeky weekend together over the five-day Easter break? Perhaps another exotic rendezvous, far from reality again?

Maybe you see potential for a longer-term relationship. Just be sure that’s what you both want before you turn all Fatal Attraction on them.

And, if you do decide to pursue back on home soil, beware for some home truths.

The beauty of being anyone you want to be in a summer romance means that a partner back home may not have been mentioned. Some embellishments may have been made about occupations.

Or the spark may be gone altogether.

But don’t fret, you will have always had that one wonderful summer.

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