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Sunshine and Good, Cheap Food

It was a beautiful day in Melbourne last Thursday. I always say there’s nothing quite like a gorgeous Melbourne day. It’s partly because we never know when the good weather might come back – it may be 30 degrees and sunny now, but by Christmas day we could have 17 degrees and pouring rain… So if we happen on a great one, you can bet everyone in Melbourne rushes outside to get a piece of it before it goes away.

You’d think that working for ourselves, we’d be able to get out during the day to enjoy it, but that isn’t always so. I finally managed to drag Den out of the house just after 5pm to get in the last few hours of sunlight (Daylight savings, we love you).

As he’s on a weird diet right now, a lot of our food options were cut out. Den is basically feasting on protein and fats for thirteen days straight – that means four eggs and bacon for breakfast, no toast. Sausages and a slab of cheese for lunch. He can have a bit of salad but no fruit, no sugar, no breads, no pasta…

It’s only day four and he was feeling in a bit of a food rut so I wanted to take him somewhere he could eat something a bit different.

Cue Hunky Dory. Great little fish and burger bar. They have several locations around Melbourne, but I’m of the opinion the Port Melbourne one is still the best. Communal outdoor seating, a great vibe on a summer day and serving up some delicious and under-budget fish and chips.

Hunky Dory Date Night

It’s been awhile since I’ve dated Den – yes, work and other commitments get in the way even for us and we do this practically full time! The important thing is, daters, to get back on the date night horse ASAP.

I ordered him the salmon steak with a huge salad, and was looking forward to a burger myself but it turns out they won’t do burgers when the joint is pumping, so I settled for grilled flake with chips, calamari and a potato cake. All delicious – they coat the fish in some sort of spice mix before they grill it and it’s great!

After dinner, we headed to the water. Port Melbourne’s bay isn’t the prettiest beach in the world, but that doesn’t stop everyone from getting in the water (everyone but me, that is. This is the bay that our city sits on and… well, I’m a little dubious about the water quality) – the Spirit of Tasmania was sitting right there getting ready to head south for the night and it was quite a picturesque scene.

Hunky Dory Date Night
Hunky Dory Date Night

We took a relaxed walk, lounged around for a bit and then headed home to watch a movie together. Very low-key, not all that exciting but the perfect last minute date for when you realise you have a night together to spare and aren’t quite sure what to do!

I promise we’ll get more organised soon and review some really fun things for you guys.

In the meantime, what’s your favourite go-to date night when you don’t have time to plan anything fancy?

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