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Table for One?

With Den away all week, I’ve had plenty of time to be alone, indulge in all that Secret Single behavior without having to lock doors and such… last night, I even took MYSELF on a date night. Alone.
I was watching the lovely Mia Freedman and a panel of mothers on 9am yesterday morning talking about ‘Me Time’… namely, the lack of it! A recent study found that Australian women get less than two hours a week to themselves.

It got me thinking.

$30 Date Night is all about encouraging couples to schedule time together every week so they can foster intimacy and connectedness within their relationships… so why not ALSO schedule a Date Night with yourself every once in awhile?

So, here’s the plan: Block out time in your diary, set aside a few hours, make all the necessary arrangements for children, etc, and… this is important… honor yourself enough to not schedule anything else during that time – don’t let anything get in the way of your date with yourself!

Pick something you’ve been longing to do. A wonderful book called The Artist’s Way suggests that feeding your inner creative being with a regular ‘Artist Date’ will help connect you with your imaginative self and create a wonderful sense of peace and sense of self. Time to think, reflect and relax.

Perhaps visit an art gallery (alone! Bliss!), go and see a movie you’ve been dying to watch, walk through the park and have a picnic for one, go to dinner by yourself, sit at the beach sunbaking, book yourself into a day spa or try any one of our hundreds of date ideas – just do it alone instead of with others!

Remember, if you don’t make an effort to take the time, you’ll never have the time.

And after all, it has to be good for the soul!

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2 comments for “Table for One?”

  1. Posted by MissEm | September 13, 2009, 11:59 pm

    I find that alot of people are uncomfortable doing things alone. I absolutely love it.

    I can easily go to a pub, movie, show, etc etc on my own and not have a problem about being on my own. I think being at ease in your own company is a good trait to have and it’s an attractive trait.

    The best thing about “solo” time is getting to know yourself. You should know yourself better than anyone else, and surprisingly some people are afraid to explore who they are.

    It’s not about independance, I reckon that’s different, it’s about not needing to have people around to do the things you want to do.
    If you like a band and none of your friends do, why can’t you go by yourself? The silly thing is that the people at the gig like the band as much as you so what’s to be scared of?!

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