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Alphabet Dating

Well, we felt we needed even more structure than usual this year – and to be honest, a new dating challenge. When we have SO MANY date ideas to choose from on our little date night generator, it can get a bit hard to decide what to do next. The ABC Dating trend has been [...]

The Complete List of $30 Date Night Reviews!

The Complete List of $30 Date Night Reviews!

Den and I try and do a date night every week together. The catch is, we try and do something new together every time… keeps us interesting! I’ve rounded up a list of all the date night reviews we’ve done since starting this blog – and had great fun reminiscing back in the process! Click [...]

Worst Date #4: The Nudist Beach

So, we finally stopped procrastinating and we did it! Worst Date #4…. The Nudist Beach. This was so-called the “Worst Date” because over on our date ideas website, it has one of the worst ratings in our user voting system. Fair enough too, the thought of it is pretty intimidating! After putting it off for [...]

The Secret to Hugh Jackman’s Happy Marriage

Well, we were thrilled to see this headline in The Age newspaper today: “The Secret to Hugh Jackman’s Happy Marriage” The Age reports: “Hugh Jackman has a happy marriage because he has date nights. The X-Men Origins: Wolverine star – who has been married to Deborra-Lee Furness since 1996 – has revealed he and his [...]

Happy Birthday to US! The Best of $30 Date Night.

Happy Birthday to US! The Best of $30 Date Night.

I have to say, I’m a little fuzzy and happy right this second! I JUST realized that we posted our first blog entry one year ago today… Happy Birthday to us! So, at one year old, we’re still toddling around finding our feet, but so happy to report that we are looking forward a much [...]

My Friends are BANANAS!!!

I don’t get it… I spent the better part of last night having a discussion about relationship problems with a friend of mine. One comment made was that his partner actually said “you never do anything spontaneous or take me out anywhere anymore – simple things like going for a hike!” I almost fell off [...]

Follow Their Lead: The Obamas Do Date Night!

The world has been abuzz with the scandal of the Obamas’ fantastic, expensive date nights – from a Broadway show in New York to dinner by the Eiffel Tower in Paris the next, the President and First Lady are setting an amazing example to couples everywhere. Politicians, the media and dating ‘experts’ are all weighing [...]

Tame the Bear and Lame Date Ideas

Last night I watched some talk show with Kevin Bacon in it discussing master-googling or google-bating, whichever you want to call it. Basically – its where you google yourself to see what comes up. And so, I’ve just googled to check out who’s talking about our date ideas site and what’s being said. And [...]

The 5 Top Reasons NOT to do Date Night

Den and I have been doing our weekly date nights for about a year now. It did take awhile to get into the swing of things, but once we hit our stride, we didn’t look back. A week without date night feels strange… we are disconnected, we get snippy at each other, we don’t get [...]

Whats Love Got to do With it?

I’m no expert in love… it’s difficult to feel like I have anything to contribute when I look into my past and all I see is massive relationship meltdowns with previous partners. Maybe after all these years Tina Turner has found the answer for us? “Does love actually have anything to do with it?” If [...]

Where, oh, where did my date night go?

For anyone keeping count, you may notice that it was Den’s date night turn last week. You may also notice there is no post from Den. That’s right, there was no date night. Sigh. We had originally rescheduled to Saturday but SOMEONE woke up with a sore head, feeling very sorry for themselves after a [...]

How to Do Date Night Right

How Date Night works … “Rules of Date Night” For us… (as in Denis and Emma) date night is simple, keep it cheap and have some fun. We do stick to some fundamental rules: here we go… Do it weekly, and take it in turns! If Emma took me out on a date last week, [...]

What’s your HOTTEST date night?

What’s your HOTTEST date night?

Share your most exciting date night you can remember… let us know what worked for you and the reasons why it turned you on. Click the title “What’s your HOTTEST Date Night?” and give us your secrets!