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Couples Photography Session: Date Night Review

Couples Photography Session: Date Night Review

We went on the most beautiful date recently.

It was an afternoon spent at one of our favourite places – the Fairfield Boathouse. We got dressed up, we took out a rowboat, we walked memory lane… and we just happened to have a photographer with us too to capture all the fun!

Ghost Tour Date Night

Ghost Tour Date Night

You know what terrifies me? Ghosts. And aliens. And zombies. Zombies are our most real threat, what with the impending Zombie Apocalypse and all. But because I am an amazing wife, you know what I organised for date night recently?

A ghost tour. Because I knew Den would love it.

9 Wonderful Date Ideas Beginning with W

9 Wonderful Date Ideas Beginning with W

Wonderful date ideas that start with the letter W. These posts are specifically created as inspiration for our daters who are taking on the ABC Dating challenge, but really it’s just a list of damn good date ideas.

9 Vivacious Date Ideas Beginning with V

9 Vivacious Date Ideas Beginning with V

Date Night is about getting creative. Take a look at these 9 date ideas starting with V!

Y is for Laughter Yoga (Video)

Y is for Laughter Yoga (Video)

This is one date I’ve always wanted to do. Laughter Yoga clubs exist all over the world.They are free to attend, usually held in public parks or city squares, and the benefits of practicing are enticing – more endorphins, less cortisol. An antidote for anxiety, stress and inflammation in the body. It may reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and more. You burn calories when you laugh. Best of all, you feel good!

5 Perfect Date Ideas Beginning with P

5 Perfect Date Ideas Beginning with P

10 more dates to go and we’ve finished the alphabet! Here is my pick of the P Date Ideas for you. How’s your alphabet dating going? Have I missed any good P ones we should know about? Pack a Picnic A classic! Take a fully-stocked picnic basket to a patch of green near you and [...]

P is for Photography Night Walk

P is for Photography Night Walk

This P date was a great one. My darling husband bought me a much longed-for DSLR camera a year or so ago and I rarely get to use it for arty shots. Mostly because it’s hard to find the time

5 Outstanding Date Ideas Beginning with O

Orienteering To be honest, a week ago I didn’t even really get what Orienteering was. Well, I knew it involved co-ordinates and maps and things like that… and I have vague memories of a compass and a girl guide uniform in my childhood… But we did do some orienteering of our own this week for [...]

5 Marvellous Date Ideas Beginning with M

Museum Date Soak in some culture and history at a museum – a great way to spend an afternoon together and enrich your beings all at once. Go for your city’s flagship museum or find an off-beat, quirky little niche museum… there are thousands of these all over the world, we bet there’s some in [...]

5 Lovely Date Ideas Beginning With L

Love Conversation Starters These adorable little cards from Kikki-K are one of our favourite things for couples. Full of fun little questions for you to quiz each other on, it’s a great activity to do while on a picnic, and most especially if you’ve been seeing each other for some time. It’s likely you’ll discover [...]

M is for Money

M is for Money

Money, money, money. Got a huge jar of spare change at your place? Cash it in at the bank and use the spoils as your date night budget this week! You won’t believe how much cash you have sitting in one little jar!

5 Great Date Ideas Beginning with J

Jigsaw Puzzle On a rainy afternoon, settle in with one of those huge 500-piece jigsaw puzzles and some hot chocolate and yummy snacks. It’s a great way to spend a miserable day together. Jump Yourself Silly Ever seen one of those trampoline parks? They have indoor and outdoor ones, it’s basically Olympic-sized trampolines all set [...]

The 5 Best Date Ideas Beginning with I

Welcome to I week of ABC Dating. Here is the compiled list of I date ideas, for those of you who are playing along with our alphabet dating game at home. Ice Hockey Go see an ice hockey match! The sport has become more popular in recent years. Even our hometown of Melbourne has a [...]

G is (also) for Games Night!

G is (also) for Games Night!

Relationships are all about games. The Hard-to-get Game. The If-You-Don’t-Know-Why-I’m-Angry-I’m-Not-Going-To-Tell-You Game. The Hide-the… oh, nevermind. The point is…

5 Hot Date Ideas Beginning with H

Oooh… H is one of those tricky ones we keep coming across! These five Happy Date Ideas were the only ones I could come up with, but I know you clever little things will be able to offer some more great ideas to me as well. Hedge Maze Get lost in a hedge maze together. [...]

G is for Game Show

G is for Game Show

It was quite awhile ago that a user submitted an idea to the date night generator suggesting to go participate in a studio audience.

It ticks all the boxes as far a great date night goes for us – something new we’ve never done before, cheap and above all, fun, giving you something to talk about while on your date.

7 Great Date Ideas Beginning with G

G is for Green Date Ideas Which we already discussed awhile ago. Click this link to see our Gorgeously Green Date Ideas list, compiled for us by Cate and Chris at GreenRenters.org G is for Games Like, board games. And such. Either hold a game night at home for the two of you or tuck [...]

9 Fabulous Date Ideas Beginning with F

F is for Ferris Wheel Ah, the romance of being trapped in a small, swinging compartment with the love of your life, your lips all sticky from fairy floss as you gaze out at the view. This could either be very romantic, or in the case of people like Den – absolutely terrifying. Try and [...]

6 Exciting Date Ideas Beginning with E

Ooh – we knew there’d be some sticky letters on this Alphabet Dating business of ours… but I didn’t expect one so soon! And to be honest, I was hoping Den would get stuck with them. X, for example, will be a killer. O might be a bit difficult. But they’re weeks away yet. Let’s [...]

5 Date Ideas Beginning with D

Well we’re up to week D and Den seems to be stuck on what to do. So I’m posting this not least to give him some ideas of where to take me for date night this week! Stay tuned for our date review of whatever this particular alphabet date will end up being. D is [...]

9 Creative Date Ideas Beginning with C

C is for Casino Ever played roulette? No? Perfect. Set a budget for your date night (it’s no secret we like ye olde faithful $30 limit) and head to a low-betting table at a casino to learn the ways of roulette and (hopefully!) win some money. If you pick a table where there are no [...]

Alphabet Dating: 10 Date Ideas Beginning with B

B is for Breakfast (or Brunch) The perfect date if there’s just not enough time in your week or you suddenly find all your nights booked up. Get up a little early and have breakfast with your sweetheart, whether you take them out or cook for them in bed is up to you! B is [...]

Alphabet Dating: 9 Date Ideas Beginning with A

So to support you (and us) through an Alphabet Dating adventure, we are going to publish a list of date ideas each week that start with our Letter of the Week (Sesame Street, we’re coming after you!) If you’re thinking of Alphabet Dating, now’s a great time to start. You can check back in every [...]

Alphabet Dating: A is for African Cuisine

You may have caught yesterday’s post on ABC Dating – we’re going to spend the next six months working our way through a dating alphabet. This has a few benefits – we make sure we’re doing something different every time we go on a date and we also introduce a little more structure into the [...]

Alphabet Dating

Well, we felt we needed even more structure than usual this year – and to be honest, a new dating challenge. When we have SO MANY date ideas to choose from on our little date night generator, it can get a bit hard to decide what to do next. The ABC Dating trend has been [...]

Melbourne Daters: Something Special for You!

Hi you Melburnian Lovebirds… we have something special for you! The wonderful Ben Knight from Ben and Wine has offered three couples the chance to attend one of his upcoming wine tasting nights as a $30 Date Night… which is a hugely discounted offer for our readers (RRP: $150!). The nights will run over the [...]

The ‘Top 10′ Date Lists Collection!

If we had a popularity contest for our blog posts, these would be the winners, so I decided to make especially for you… Our Top 10 Date Lists Collection! Well… not all of them are Top 10s as such, but you get what I mean. A quick glance at our most looked-at posts from 2009 [...]

20 Festive Christmas Date Ideas

The rush of the festive season can leave you and your sweetie feeling a little short of time… don’t quit on your weekly date nights amidst all the chaos. Here are more than enough Christmas-themed date ideas to keep you going through the festive season! 1. Go get your tree! 2. Make Eggnog 3. Decorate [...]

Guest Post: $30 Cake Night

This deliciously decadent guest post comes to you from the divine Jess Pryles of Sugadeaux Cupcakes. You can find her on Twitter @sugadeaux or visit her mouthwatering website here… While we’re all still shaking off the winter blues, sometimes a great date can be spent as a night in. With chocolate. And cake. How can [...]

Table for One?

With Den away all week, I’ve had plenty of time to be alone, indulge in all that Secret Single behavior without having to lock doors and such… last night, I even took MYSELF on a date night. Alone. I was watching the lovely Mia Freedman and a panel of mothers on 9am yesterday morning talking [...]

5 Fresh Date Ideas for the Mornings

Sometimes (like last week!) the only time you can find for a date night with each other during a hectic week is a sliver of time of a morning… whether it’s a few hours on a weekend or stealing time before you go to work, here are a few morning date ideas that may appeal [...]

BINGO, it’s a religion!

I was going through the $30 Date Night site looking for a date idea that would blow me away… nothing popped out at me a grabbed me. Madly pressing the red button I cruised past the Bingo suggestion. It’s such a stupid date suggestion I didn’t even notice it… but, like the subliminal promos played [...]

7 Completely Free Date Ideas

We notice that on our $30 Date Night site, our Free Date Ideas page has become rather popular all of a sudden! Well, what our people want, our people get. Here’s our choice for top ten free date ideas you and your sweetie can do together! Recommended for long-term couples to indulge in when they’d [...]

5 Worthy Date Ideas That Give Something Back

Here are five date ideas that don’t rate all that well on our $30 Date Night voting system. True, they’re not the most romantic of ideas – and we are certainly not suggesting you necessarily use them in your early courting phase! But if you are one half of a committed couple that knows each [...]

10 Saucy Date Ideas You Can Do Naked!

Our next door neighbor thinks our date ideas are hysterical – and regularly teases that we tend to take boring ideas and add ‘do naked!’ to make them a bit more exciting. It’s true. We do. And so especially for Gath, I bring you ten great date ideas that you can do naked! Best of [...]

10 Fun Date Ideas for a Lazy Sunday

We moved date night to Sunday this week, as it was the only spare time we could find to indulge in a few hours quietly together. There’s something lovely about a lazy Sunday date. I’ve compiled a list of a few great lazy Sunday date ideas here for you, after the jump.

The Museum Date – Twice.

The last two dates I’ve been in charge of have ended up at some sort of museum. First, the Melbourne Immigration Museum, full of old customs tools and laws, models of boats that brought early settlers to Australia and great old photos taken by migrants on their journey to this country. Yesterday, we went to [...]

5 Creative Ways to do the Movies – the $30 Date Night way!

So, we know that a lot of you love the movies… and we don’t want to begrudge you one of your favourite pastimes… but if you are going to do it, do it with flare! Remember, it only takes a small injection of novelty to make it a butterfly-inducing date! Here are five ideas to [...]

Farmers Market Date Idea

Sat morn I consult the $30 Date Night guide… “FARMERS’ MARKET!” Brilliant… Emma will love it. Now, what the hell is a Farmers’ Market and where will I find a market such as this in the city of Melbourne? I’m picturing sheep, cows, goats… farmers in overalls and straw hats sitting on bales of hay. [...]

10 Great At-Home Date Ideas (for Parents)

I know, I know. There’s toys everywhere… You hum ‘Hot Potato’ by the Wiggles because it’s stuck in your damn head from watching it over and over again… You haven’t had a conversation for months that doesn’t involve the potty, the children, Iggle Piggle… you eat at 5 o’clock when they eat because it’s easier… [...]

The Bookstore Date Idea & 5 Other Conversation Starters

The Bookstore Date Idea is one that was suggested to us awhile ago, and I’ve been curious to try it! I love reading, always have. Den, not so much. But I thought we’d give it a crack anyway. A beautiful, warm Wednesday night so we took a stroll down Lygon Street to Borders and good-naturedly [...]

Worst Date So Far!

Golf! According to the $30 date night rating system, the popularity of going to a driving range is rated lower than average, and fair enough… if the majority of voters don’t like golf that’s ok with me. Last night I took Emma for hit on the driving range as our date… it didn’t pan out [...]

Dinner and DVD Date Night – With a Twist

Some nights, you just can’t be assed leaving the house for date night. I was exhausted this week after organising an event for fashion week, sleeping badly… you know the drill. I just wanted to snuggle up under a blanket, eat some good food and be with Den. Boring, right?   Well, there’s one way [...]

Paint a Portrait

$30 on art supplies… easy!

It’s wed night, date night… in usual fashion I’ve left it to the last minute. I jump on the $30 Date Night site and start clicking madly through the date suggestions when I stumble upon “paint a portrait of each other – Submitted by Ming from Melbourne.” Perfect, this is tonight’s date, thanks Ming!

Casino Date Night

Date Night – inspired by DATE IDEAS generator. Ummm… Hm. I think I did a really bad thing. I have known for a long time that my beloved Den (hi baby) has an addictive personality. Longtime smoker, obsessive playstation gamer, Custard tartaholic… Soon to be addicted gambler. Thanks to me. We took a stroll through [...]

Taking Your Date Shopping

We took our $30 the other week and headed to late night shopping at Chadstone (it’s a huge mall, for our US readers…). We had $30 to spend on something lovely for Den. I expected him to hate the idea, but he was quite chuffed that we were spending a night all about him and [...]