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mX Column: Dating Games

Out with a group of girlfriends the other night, one sidled up to me when we were touching up our gloss in the bathroom. “I just sent a text to my ex,” she confided. “Do you think that was a mistake?” Not just once. It turns out she had sent him two messages. Once to [...]

mX Column: Blind Dates? Bad News.

Despite the Austen-like images my moniker may conjure, I’m not much of a matchmaker. I don’t believe in the ‘set up’, and especially not since one of my best friends, N. sent me on a blind date. On paper, it should have worked perfectly. He was cute, fun and intelligent, as promised. He even had [...]

Mystery Date Box Idea!

This great, inspirational dating idea was submitted by Kirsty, one of our users over at $30 Date Night – I thought we should share it with you here! “Combine all your favourite date ideas and put them in a box! My partner and I have created the ‘Mystery Date Box’ – Each fortnight we pull [...]