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How do you celebrate your anniversary when you’re 8000 miles apart?

How do you celebrate your anniversary when you’re 8000 miles apart?

You meet for brunch! See how $30 Daters made their 3rd year wedding anniversary work over brunch 8000 miles apart.

Behind the Scenes at $30DN

Behind the Scenes at $30DN

Learn a little more about Emma and Denis, the creators of $30DN. How $30DN first started and why they’re so cheap! Included are photos and the first designs Denis created of the $30 Date Night Generator.

Do Opposites Really Attract?

Den and I, we’re not much alike in many of our behaviors. That is to say, we definitely were not much alike when we first met, but over the years I think we have softened each other away from our extreme opposite behaviors… we’re becoming more and more similar all the time – to the [...]

Man Cold Syndrome (aka, poor Den)

Emma believes that when I am sick I suffer from Man Cold Syndrome… WTF? Friday, I busted my leg in judo class. I don’t think it’s broken, but it’s not a happy leg – there is definitely damage to the medial ligament of the knee and something funky is going on at the lateral side [...]

Planning Holidays Together

Coming up to summertime in Australia, it’s about that time of year we should be planning our Christmas holidays if we want even a chance at securing a good holiday house, hotel or destination… or even securing a good bunch of people to holiday with. I’m not actually sure if we will take a holiday [...]

Time Apart Does NOT Mean Break Up!

I love Emma more than anything in the world – but time apart does wonders for the soul! I’ve just come back from 7 days in the snow… with friends, mostly couples, but there was no Emma. One of the partners asked where she was – I replied with “we’re spending some time apart.” Ok, [...]

The Heart Grows Fonder

Den is away this week; gallivanting off in the snow with a group of friends while I’m here at home holding down the business fort. He’s having a wonderful time, and I’m having a great time too. I quite love having the house to myself, my own space to relax, think, play my cheesy pop [...]

How Much Time Do Couples Spend Together?

Wow – what a week! Spring has kicked off here in Melbourne with a plethora of gourmet food and high end fashion events and Den and I have barely seen each other since last Wednesday! (oh, and I’m obliged to do that thing here that EVERY blog advice site you read tells you NOT to [...]

Living With Messy People

My poor husband. I’m messy, you see. I’m not talking about dirty or unclean. It’s just… I thrive best in organized chaos. You should see my desk. It’s piled with papers, notepads, post-its, books, an ornament of Ganesh (no idea), a calculator, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, unopened mail, stray jewelry that I take off and never [...]

The Proposal: Part 1

It occurs to me that Den and I have been doing some spouse-bashing on this blog lately, what with our airing of bad habits and petty annoyances! It’s all in good humor of course… that’s just the way we are with each other. We’ve faced reality about our differences and are happy to air them [...]

In Pursuit of Healthiness

I’ve taken up Pilates, which has been a long time coming for me. I have kind of an… aversion… to exercise. In that I hate it. Well, mostly I hate it. You could call it a like-hate relationship, I suppose. My newfound okayness with Pilates makes for a Very Pleased Husband. Den is somewhat of [...]

Things I Wish My Husband Would Let Me Throw Out

Bringing two people’s belongings together into one house was never going to work. Lifetimes of memories, sentimentality and just plain bad taste will always haunt us… here is a comprehensive list of things I wish Denis would let me throw out… or at least move to some ‘man room’ – which we don’t have in [...]

Denis, NAKED TWISTER is not a first date! Part 2

If Naked Twister doesn’t work, then what will get her into bed? Emma and I had this push and pull friendship. We would flirt to a point and then one of us (usually Emma) would put on the brakes and BOOM we would stop talking. At the time I was not aware – Emma had [...]

Happy Birthday to US! The Best of $30 Date Night.

Happy Birthday to US! The Best of $30 Date Night.

I have to say, I’m a little fuzzy and happy right this second! I JUST realized that we posted our first blog entry one year ago today… Happy Birthday to us! So, at one year old, we’re still toddling around finding our feet, but so happy to report that we are looking forward a much [...]


Something strange has happened to me since our wedding. I’m not sure how much it’s affecting Denis, apart from the fact that two days after our wedding he turned to me and said ‘Let’s have a baby now!’ Now, we have a four year plan. A plan that doesn’t involve children or even our first [...]

Thank You, Nurse Denis

Date night this week was postponed, due to unforeseen illness… I woke up Saturday convinced I was dying of the swine flu. You might think I’m saying that to be funny, but quite honestly – I had all the right “flu like symptoms”, and was packing a migraine in just for good measure. My throat [...]

Our Wedding

Our wedding photos have arrived… we were married on 5 March this year… these breathtaking images are courtesy of Xsight Photography… they made us look GOOD!

Can Morning Larks and Night Owls Share a Nest?

I’ve just found out I’m what the sciencey people call a “Night Owl”. Den is most definitely a Morning Lark. This means that most nights around 10pm, you can find Den happily snoring away on the couch in front of the television, while I potter around winding myself down for a few more hours before [...]

How to Do Date Night Right

How Date Night works … “Rules of Date Night” For us… (as in Denis and Emma) date night is simple, keep it cheap and have some fun. We do stick to some fundamental rules: here we go… Do it weekly, and take it in turns! If Emma took me out on a date last week, [...]

Denis, NAKED TWISTER is not a first date!

So I’m introduced to this sexy semi-blonde girl at a Hotel convention, “Denis, you must meet this person… she could possibly send some business your way…” I’m thinking ‘$$$’ brilliant! Like seriously, how f-u-c-k-i-n-g hard is it to run a start up and feed yourself at the same time!?!?!?! It’s mid 2004, I’m living in [...]