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All You Need to Know About Gift-Giving

In one of our many, many differences, Den doesn’t come from a big gift giving family while I come from The Biggest gift giving family you’ve ever seen. In fact, when Den and I met he was quick to tell me that he doesn’t “do” presents. For the first birthday I had when we were [...]

5 Fifth (Wooden) Anniversary Gift Ideas

Wood. Solid, reliable wood. Did you know that every piece of wood is completely individual, with it’s own unique markings that act just like a fingerprint? And think of all the things that are built using wood. Whole houses are built on wooden frames. There’s no doubt of it’s sturdiness and usefulness. And so, wood [...]

10 Leather (3rd) Anniversary Gift Ideas

They say that by the 3rd wedding anniversary you should be aware of the durability of your relationship together, which is why the traditional gift symbol is leather. The material is strong, durable, warm and resilient. There are some gorgeous leather-based anniversary gifts you can give your partner on your third anniversary that they may [...]

8 Paper (First) Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

It’s our first wedding anniversary today! That makes it a paper anniversary. We’ve decided that we’re going to stick with the traditional gifts in the traditional order. Of course being a guy, Den automatically went “Well, what do I get you? A ream of A4?” No, Den. No you don’t. Here’s a list of paper-anniversary [...]