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What They Don’t Tell You About Summer Romances

What They Don’t Tell You About Summer Romances

Welcome back to reality, people. It’s been a sad, soggy summer for many, but even so, romance has been in the (rather humid) air for others. Summer romances are beautiful things. When you’re on holiday, you’re a million metaphoric miles from your desk, from hounding emails and buzzing BlackBerries. I’ve always dreamed of spending a [...]

mX Column: Wooing Women Right

Are men running out of ideas for wooing women? So far in dating evolution, we’ve seen a full gamut of techniques, from dragging cave women back to the cave, reading sonnets, wolf-whistling and tooting car horns, sleazy one-liners (“Is there a mirror in your pants?”) and, in most recent years, the insult. “Negging” is the [...]