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mX Column: Is Love Costing You Your Friends?

mX Column: Is Love Costing You Your Friends?

A study has found that love comes at a price. The going rate? Two close friends. On average, a person who finds themselves in a relationship will suddenly realise two of their nearest and dearest will suddenly become not so close and probably even disappear from their lives altogether. The researchers looking into the study [...]

mX Column: The First Date

The first date. The job interview of the dating world. You have but one chance at this. Don’t. Stuff. It. Up. The pressure is on to make a good first impression. You want the venue to speak volumes about your taste, it also needs to be classy without trying too hard. My dear friend E [...]

mX Column: Clap if You Believe in Soulmates

One thing you should know about me is that I’m a hopeless romantic. Roses, candles, love letters, chocolates… I’m a sucker for all the tacky clichés and I don’t care if it’s wrong. I don’t even want to be right. When I was younger and more impressionable I also believed in soulmates. That there was [...]

mX Column: Why is Food So Damn Sexy?

What is it about food that is just so damn sexy? Even the words we use to describe it are hot. Gooey, spicy, steamy food. Food and love have been linked since… well, probably since the dawn of time. I’m sure the most romantic thing a caveman could do for his cavewoman was bring home [...]

mX Column: A Little Privacy

A friend of mine has taught her husband how to wax her pits for her. They are clearly a couple who are very comfortable with each other. Me? I like to keep a bit of mystery going on in a relationship. Some things are best done behind closed doors. Hell, I wouldn’t even reference my [...]

mX Column: Virtually Together

I’m sitting on a plane to Sydney as I write, on my way to visit my bestie, V. I don’t spend much time on planes these days, though V does. He moved to Sydney for work a year ago, while his partner still lives and works in Melbourne. They fly back and forth as often [...]

mX Column: Man-Hot vs. Girl-Hot

It’s all about new-season fashion as we hit the shops, inspired by last week’s L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival – but how much of what we see walking the runways during the shows will show up in our own wardrobes? And what will the men think of it all? I’m wearing a dress today that I [...]

mX Column: Hand-in-hand

Nothing melts the heart quite like watching an elderly couple walking along hand-in-hand together. I saw an octogenarian couple crossing Swanston Street the other day. They didn’t even look as though they could negotiate the street without one another. The husband had a walking stick, the wife a hunched back. They were clinging to each [...]

mX Column: Blind Dates? Bad News.

Despite the Austen-like images my moniker may conjure, I’m not much of a matchmaker. I don’t believe in the ‘set up’, and especially not since one of my best friends, N. sent me on a blind date. On paper, it should have worked perfectly. He was cute, fun and intelligent, as promised. He even had [...]