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What the Eyes Don’t See

What the Eyes Don’t See

HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW YOUR CITY? I thought I knew Melbourne like the back of my hand, living in the CBD for more than 5 years I knew every nook and alley way that the city had to offer. What I didn’t know was the stories behind the streets I knew so well.

The X Date!

The X Date!

Den takes Emma out on a date searching for hidden treasure… you’ll be disappointed with what they find! But, don’t let this stop you – the potential this date has to rock your sweetie’s world is HUGE – find out how… read more.

O is for Orienteering / Geocaching

O is for Orienteering / Geocaching

Use your smart phone to locate hidden containers around you city. Daters Emma and Denis spent a few hours trekking through Melbourne CBD to see what hidden caches they could find. It’s cheap, easy to do and a fun date idea playing secret squirrel. Read more about Geocaching Melbourne CBD with $30 Date Night.

Worst Date #2: Swimming at the Local Pool

Well, we did Worst Date #2 yesterday… and I’m very happy to report that it wasn’t so bad at all! Swimming at the Local Y rates badly for some reason, but I don’t know what y’all are complaining about? We picked a gorgeous sunny day (Hello to summer down here in Australia!) and headed to [...]

A Date Night in Pictures: Dominique Portet Winery

…all for under $30! Great date night in Melbourne’s Yarra Valley… go find your own local winery reigon and seek out some cellar door specials! Enjoy! Rate the Date Romance Factor: 5/5 – Gorgeous wine region drive, beautiful views, great food and great wine Cheese Factor: 1/5 Fun Factor: 3/5 Overall: Wonderful date for a [...]

SUCCESS!!! Mineral Hot Springs Date… sorted!

This date night was brilliant!!! And spot on the money too! $15 each entry… BUT   THE GOOD! It’s hot, damn hot. And sooooo so so good on a freezing cold night. You get to splash around in the outdoors, under the stars with plenty of greenery around you. It’s perfect for winter… when it [...]

Dancing in the Rain… Not So Romantic, Actually.

Melbourne is famous for its ever-changing weather. The saying goes – if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes. In a matter of hours this city can go from beautifully sunny to pouring rain, windy and back again. Last Wednesday, Melbourne had put on a particularly hot, dry summer day. 33 degrees (91.4f) of [...]

Farmers Market Date Idea

Sat morn I consult the $30 Date Night guide… “FARMERS’ MARKET!” Brilliant… Emma will love it. Now, what the hell is a Farmers’ Market and where will I find a market such as this in the city of Melbourne? I’m picturing sheep, cows, goats… farmers in overalls and straw hats sitting on bales of hay. [...]

Worst Date So Far!

Golf! According to the $30 date night rating system, the popularity of going to a driving range is rated lower than average, and fair enough… if the majority of voters don’t like golf that’s ok with me. Last night I took Emma for hit on the driving range as our date… it didn’t pan out [...]

Behind the Hedge…

There is definitely some sex appeal about being caught. It’s so cheeky, soooooooo 16 year-old-ish! Remember the days of meeting girls behind bike sheds or basketball courts, hoping not to be caught by the teachers…