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Tame the Bear and Lame Date Ideas

lame date ideas

Last night I watched some talk show with Kevin Bacon in it discussing master-googling or google-bating, whichever you want to call it. Basically – its where you google yourself to see what comes up.

And so, I’ve just googled ThirtyDollarDateNight.com to check out who’s talking about our date ideas site and what’s being said. And I found a blog called Tame the bear

The blog post cracked me up – it was a nice post which gave credit to $30DN and paid attention to the sites many lame date ideas. I agree, pitching a tent in your backyard isn’t my top date idea either and doesn’t really work where we live – 19 floors up in the CBD.

And worse = “Meet for a jog in a scenic park, get sweaty and take it from there.” YEP, another non-inspiring date idea, although I seriously considered this date idea for a good laugh.

See back before Ems and I got together I devised a plan to get her into bed… or at least strip off to minimal clothing and see what comes of it… so I announced a “hottest body competition.” 4 months of training and then strip off and see who is looking better. She took the bait and we trained… we decided to run together as additional cardio to existing training regime. (Ems was already heavily into dance and I was a regular at the gym).

Running with Emma was something else… I didn’t think it was possible but Emma’s running style is like an epileptic fit while in motion. Embarrassing (for me) at the time, and a source of endless entertainment these days – run Forrest!

Anyhoo – my point to this post is – Tame the Bear, I agree… there are so many date ideas on $30DN that are lame. But that’s what I like about it… it’s the lame ideas that create low expectations – so when the date turns out crappy you’re not disappointed.

Yes, some are totally stupid and we try to filter out suggestions like “stare into each other’s eyes for an hour at sunset.” Shoot me instead!!!

But in many cases the lame date ideas turn out to be the most fun, simply because your expectations are so low – also you’re pushing comfort circles, doing new things out of routine keeps your relationship fresh and maintains new conversation, even if your both discussing how lame the night is – at least you’re still engaging with each other.

So, Tame the Bear… here is your challenge – grab your special friend for a lame date night and pitch that tent in your backyard. I know you hate the idea but suck it up for one night. Make sure you figure out some entertaining things to do during your campout – don’t actively sabotage the experience by making it boring (and don’t go into the house – maybe only for toilet breaks.) Then let rate the lameness.

This challenge goes out to anyone else who places the “approval of lame” stamp on the pitch a tent in your backyard date idea.

Send me your review of how lame this date idea actually was once you’ve done it?

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