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ABC Date Ideas

10 Terrific Date Ideas Beginning with T

Ten Pin Bowling
Oooh, it’s an oldie but a goodie. This is the very first date Den and I went on when we kicked off $30 Date Night. Sure, it’s cheesy. Sure, the shoes are ugly. But you know what? It’s a heap of fun, it gets you active, you can pig out on fries and trash talk each other (more T words) and play. To mix it up, find a nightclub bowling alley.

Tennis (or Table Tennis)
Sadly, I was born with no hand-eye co-ordination. Which makes things like playing tennis hilarious, most of the time. You’ll either be really good at this and already have your own equipment, in which case go have a friendly against each other, or you’ll be just as crap as me which means you’ll have to beg, borrow or steal (no, don’t steal) racquets and balls and go find a court. If “real” tennis is too intimidating, go for table tennis at a games hall.

Pitch a tent in your own backyard and camp out under the stars. Take blankets, music, a stack of cushions and snacks. Make a campfire and tell ghost stories. Roast marshmallows. Drink wine. Play guitar and have a sing-a-long. Sleep huddled together in zipped-up sleeping bags and wake up to bacon and eggs on the BBQ. You can probably go back inside to pee.

If the idea of an overnighter isn’t doing it for you, consider a glamping version and spend the evening with a picnic – we love this rooftop set up that jewelry designer Samantha Wills created for her lover’s birthday. Swoon.

Treasure Hunt
This is a little bit of set-up effort but heaps of fun! Plan a little treasure hunt for your sweetie.

Just how complicated you make it is up to you – you could just stick within your own house an plant clues and little treats/gifts for them to find, leading to a fun surprise at the end, or you can go wider and make it a full on scavenger hunt throughout your neighbourhood on foot, or go even one more and get in your car for a huge treasure hunt of all the places that are nearest and dearest to you guys… leave clues that lead to the place you first met, had your first date, first kiss, proposed, etc. You are only limited by your imagination!

Who doesn’t love Mexican food? Taco bars are cheap, tasty and often make a great margarita to boot. If you don’t want to leave the house, make it Mexican night at home – fish tacos, a pitcher of sangria and a foreign language movie (or a movie set in Mexico) will serve you well.

Three Course Menu
Bit of a foodie? Spend the day preparing a romantic three course meal for you and your sweetie to eat at home. Make it a special occasion – music, candlelight, proper table set up… maybe even print some menus and wait on your partner like it’s a fancy restaurant. Spoil them! Sure makes a nice change from siting in front of the TV together over a reheated pasta!

Get tickets to see some live theatre. Amateur theatre groups in your area may be a good, cheap option, or find an arts festival where there are plenty of shows (some may be free!) or source your tickets last minute at 50% and more discount from certain ticketing agencies.

TV Audience
Organise to go be in a TV audience! It’s free, it’s fun and it will be a memorable date night. We did this by registering for the Deal or No Deal game show and ended up winning some cash! Find out what is filming near you and plan ahead – there’s usually a waiting list.

Attend a criminal trial and see our justice system in action. Court proceedings are open to the public, unless the presiding judge decides otherwise (usually very high profile cases will be closed). Find a case that interests you and get the details. Remember that evidence will be presented that may be of a very confronting nature – not everyone may be comfortable with this. You don’t have to have any links with the case to attend, but you do need to be quiet while you are there.

Truth or Dare
This can be done at home one night, or out over a glass of wine. Play truth or dare! You remember how it works, right? Each person picks whether they want to answer a question truthfully or take a dare that the other sets them. Have fun with this one and keep it light-hearted – don’t ask any questions you don’t want to know the answer to and don’t challenge your partner to anything too embarrassing! If you’re playing at home, you may just get a little saucy with your dares…

Got any additional T Date Ideas for us?

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