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Thank You, Nurse Denis

Date night this week was postponed, due to unforeseen illness…

I woke up Saturday convinced I was dying of the swine flu. You might think I’m saying that to be funny, but quite honestly – I had all the right “flu like symptoms”, and was packing a migraine in just for good measure. My throat was burning, my sinuses were stuffy and my neck, jaw and shoulders were locked up with stress.

As I lay there running through my head who I had been in contact with that week that could have given me the ridiculous flu, Denis woke up and saw instantly that I wasn’t well.

One of the things I love most about my husband is the way he looks after me when I’m sick.

From day one, even before we were an official item, if I even hinted that I wasn’t feeling well, he would materialize uninvited on my doorstep with his acupuncture kit, massage table, DVDs and sugary, energy-giving snacks.

Saturday was no exception. I was bundled onto the couch, diagnosed and had a Chinese cup on the back of my neck and a blanket swathed around me in minutes.

Once my skin under the cup had bruised up nicely (a sure sign of some evil bug lurking around in your system) I had breakfast and a cup of hot ginger tea brought to me and was given full control of the television viewing schedule for the day.

After sleeping on and off all day, I got the further treat of him doing the shopping and preparing me a hearty three course meal – minestrone soup, spaghetti Bolognese and apple pie with ice cream, all in the name of keeping my energy reserves up for fighting off the germs. Vitamin B, orange juice and chocolate all contributed and a late-night massage to loosen up my sore neck cords put me to sleep like a baby.

I woke up today with nothing but a small sniffle – I’ve even managed to sit at my desk and do some work, I’m that clear-headed – and I am so grateful for his attentions… it’s lovely to be looked after.
I know Den and I joke around a lot on this blog about each other, but its times like these that you, dear readers, can get a rare insight into how sweet he can be. And don’t let him convince you otherwise.

Anyone else got some love to throw their partner’s way? A thank you for what they do? Please comment below, we’d love to hear some happy stories!

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2 comments for “Thank You, Nurse Denis”

  1. Posted by Thank You, Nurse Denis | Swine Flu Outbreak | May 31, 2009, 5:31 am

    [...] View original post here:  Thank You, Nurse Denis [...]

  2. Posted by Denis | June 1, 2009, 4:50 am

    Em’s I was reading your post waiting for when you balance it out by telling the readers how crap I am at something else… but I’m stoked that you kept a lid on that!

    I really do hope people get our humour actually… it’s almost like our lives are nothing more than fooling around.

    And by the way… you know the sweetness ends once the sniffles are gone!

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