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The Bookstore Date Idea & 5 Other Conversation Starters

The Bookstore Date Idea is one that was suggested to us awhile ago, and I’ve been curious to try it! I love reading, always have. Den, not so much. But I thought we’d give it a crack anyway. A beautiful, warm Wednesday night so we took a stroll down Lygon Street to Borders and good-naturedly fended off the hawking waiters the whole way down. The conversation quickly slipped into the familiar date night banter, and before we knew it we’d arrived into the brightly lit bookstore.

Each of us set off to find our favourite books that had impacted our lives in some way. We agreed to meet in the cafe where we would sit and tell each other, one by one, why we loved the book, what it meant to us, what was going on in our lives at the time. We settled in over coffee and cheesecake and began.

It was always going to be an interesting exercise. I laughed as I realised most of my books were childhood fairytales, while Den had a stack of nothing but business motivation books. That alone says so much about who we are, and it may not seem like an ideal match. But fortunately I believe that opposites attract – both of us bring such a different view and approach to almost everything we do. It makes sure we’re never bored, at least! The key to opposites is that your core values and morals are aligned. Everything else is just semantics.

So we sat and whiled away the time over conversations of The Faraway Tree and Anne of Green Gables meets Losing My Virginity and Think and Grow Rich. What were you doing at that time? Where do you remember reading the book? What did you think about it? Did it inspire you? Did it make you believe in great things? (In my case: fairies. In Den’s: triumph).

It was a lovely conversation, and a great date night for new and long term couples alike. A completely different way to spark a conversation and find out things you would never usually talk about.

Some other great date ideas to inspire conversation:

1. Kikki-k Love Conversation Starters Date Idea
This tiny deck of cards packs a punch! Full of questions you can use to begin conversations with your partner – your dream home, favourite love song, things you admire about your sweetie, where you’d like to next vacation… Perfect to crack open over dinner, a picnic or just a bottle of wine and enjoy some new direction in your chats together.

2. Childhood Memories Date Idea
Both of you, pull out your old photo albums, year books and mementos and take your lover on a trip down memory lane. Point out old friends, bullies, teachers… you’ll be surprised what memories come back to you that you thought were long gone…

3. Museum Date Idea
Learning something fascinating and new is a surefire way to start you talking! Visit a museum – Natural History, Science, Cultural, Collection, Wax…. whatever it is, you’re going to learn something you never knew and have a great day with your sweetie in the meantime.

4. Art Gallery Date Idea
Get in touch with your creative sides and take your lovebird to an art gallery for the day. Talk about the paintings, the sculptures… what you think about them, how they make you feel… if all else fails, just get “arty” in your interpretation of the works and make your date laugh!

5. Guided Tour Date Idea
Whether it’s discovering your own city, taking a ghost tour or a specialty food/wine/market tour, this is a great and interactive way to learn something new together and then talk about it afterwards over a coffee! Have a look at your local council’s list of tours and see what sparks your interest.

What are other ways you know of to spark off conversations – either with new dates or long-time loves?

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  1. Posted by Kerry | August 15, 2009, 12:55 am

    In Perth we have The Book Cafe and going there and purchasing a book and then a coffee and Muffin used to be one of our favourite things to do on a Sunday during winter.

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