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The Male Contraceptive Pill Breakthrough

A scientific breakthrough involving sterile mice made news this week, and could mean that we will see a commercially-developed Male Contraceptive Pill on our shelves within five years.

The initial buzz hitting the internet seemed to indicate that women are generally happy with this new development – there were lots of comments about men “finally taking responsibility for contraception” and quite a few disparaging ones about them “probably forgetting to take it.”

Call me crazy, but I really don’t think it’s their problem at all.

It’s my body and it’s not bloody likely I’d trust anyone with my uterus on that level. Not even my own husband.

Like it or not, it’s us women who get pregnant, carry the baby and give birth in 40-hour labour marathons (sometimes without drugs, which really blows my mind).

It comes down to the classic sales and negotiation principal: What’s In It For Me?

What’s in it for me, is that there are no little surprises turning up in my womb before I’m ready for them.

I’m not sure the benefits are all that tangible for men.

There’s way more at stake for the women of this world – and even so, it’s scarily easy to forget to pop that little pill every day.

The only benefit I see of the Male Contraceptive pill would be for men to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies against condom breakages and women who might forget to take their own pills… if nothing else, it offers a reliable way for men to control their paternity that hasn’t been seen before.

What do you think? Is male-onus contraception the way of the future?

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One comment for “The Male Contraceptive Pill Breakthrough”

  1. Posted by Datevitation | June 1, 2012, 3:30 am

    This sounds like a pretty good idea, but I don’t think should ever be a condom replacement in certain situations, but could be very useful as an extra precautionary step in contraception. You mentioned it would be ‘on shelves’, does that mean it will not be a prescribed medication?

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