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The Museum Date – Twice.

The last two dates I’ve been in charge of have ended up at some sort of museum. First, the Melbourne Immigration Museum, full of old customs tools and laws, models of boats that brought early settlers to Australia and great old photos taken by migrants on their journey to this country. Yesterday, we went to the Holocaust Museum in Elsternwick for a horrific, incredible, intensely personal insight into the Holocaust.

I mean, we’ve all seen the movies and vaguely know what went on, but to sit in a seminar room and hear the story of one woman who survived it herself… who saw firsthand the atrocities and still has the branding on her arm to prove it… that was powerfully emotional. We were so privileged that this wonderful lady is still willing to share her story. She is the last of a group of people that were involved, and after this generation there will be none left and it will be just a distant memory. It’s terrifying to see what went on. Denis, in particular, has always been fascinated by history, so I knew this was a date that he’d value.

It’s funny, we’ve copped a bit of flak from friends about this date night. No, it’s obviously not the most romantic of dates. In fact, it was emotional and saddening… but date night isn’t always about roses and chocolates and walks on the beach. It’s the act of learning something new together that sparks off connective emotional ties to each other.

Aside from that, something like a museum is a great way to distract you and your partner if it is looking like being an Argument Afternoon – just like our Immigration Museum day.

Sigh, yes, Argument Afternoons. Let’s face it, we all have those days. You know the ones where someone is just spoiling for a fight? When every little thing your husband does is getting on your every nerve? When you just can’t help yourself and even as you hear the words coming out of your mouth you just know it’s going to cause trouble and you should stop right now but you just can’t help but tell them exactly what you think of them?

Sometimes, I blame PMS. Other times, I blame my obnoxious husband. Ha.

Sometimes, it can start as a very small thing and depending on the other person’s reaction and how touchy everyone might be, it can blow right out of proportion. When it’s the niggling things like that, the best thing I find is to deflect the attention and focus on something else.

It’s just going to happen sometimes that such annoyances occur on your date nights. You make the decision to cut and run, or ride it out and hope you can get past it. We usually try and ride it out if it’s date night (though sometimes I think we should quit while we’re ahead)

In positive news, in researching this post I found that a recent study done by the University of Michigan shows that the secret to a long and happy marriage might just be that spouses annoy each other! As a direct quote: “Strangely enough, rubbing each other the wrong way might be the right way to conduct your marriage.” So if you do find yourself getting on each other’s nerves, perhaps embrace it.

And find a date idea that will distract you both sufficiently enough to get on with your date night, regardless!

Anyone else find their dear, beloved partner a tad annoying at times?

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