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Married Life

The Same Four Tracks

You learn a lot about a person when you work and live with them all day, every day.

The same four tracks

I am fast learning that my husband is a creature of habit. He gets very comfortable with the things that he knows well. For example: All day every day, we hear the same four music tracks over and over and over and over…. and over… and over. Every few months he finds a new set of music tracks to play over and over and… well, you get the idea. He’s lucky the world has gone digital, if he were playing a cassette tape it would’ve broken by now from sheer use. If he were playing a CD, he’d blow up the player.

It’s not that I hate his taste in music – for the most part, I can tolerate it. The first hundred times or so, I barely notice it. Sometimes I even sing along. But (he’s playing it as I write this) by now, it just makes me want to stab myself in the ear with a pen to stop the noise.

He asked this morning if I’d prefer he wear headphones, which was very thoughtful and sweet of him. I think I now need to take him up on it.

Denis. Honey. I changed my mind. Please put your headphones on. (Speaking of headphones, how hot are the pictured ones from Swarovski Fashion?!)

What about you? Hate your partner’s music taste? Do they obsessively play the same stuff over and over? Is it a showdown for control of the sound system every day or do you plug in your own iPods and live in separate music worlds?

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5 comments for “The Same Four Tracks”

  1. Posted by Denis | March 25, 2010, 9:17 am

    YES! I CANNOT STAND MY WIFE’S MUSIC!!! It’s mainstream radio pop… Britney / Lady Gaga / Fergie – shoot me… kill me!

    Great Photo!!!

  2. Posted by Denis | March 25, 2010, 9:24 am

    Oh – by the way… Current record played = Morgan Page – Believe.

    Get it! It’s grown on me… Track 12 (in the Dark) rocks my world!

  3. Posted by Scott | March 25, 2010, 7:38 pm

    I have noticed he is a creature of habit!!! i must admit when i get some new tunes i play them to death then go on the search for something new. I’m sure i have some new stuff on my box of goodies i can hook Den up with tonight :)

  4. Posted by Year on the Grill | March 26, 2010, 6:49 am

    separate ipods

    but it is mostly books on tape

  5. Posted by Julie | April 1, 2010, 1:14 am

    I think my husband and I are weird by today’s standards…neither of us listen to music. We also work together and are big NPR fans so we frequently listen to that streaming from our local affiliate. The problem arises that because we are listening on different computers the delay is different and off so one of us will put some headphones on.

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