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ABC Dating Challenge

The X Date!

“X Marks the Spot” – but first you need to plant the “X”

The Date Idea: Hire a metal detector and comb the beach looking for hidden treasure.

THE IMPORTANT BIT: Plant your own treasure! Stupidly I didn’t realise the potential of this date idea, I think it’s often a short coming many have when taking out a date. Had I taken more thought with this date and buried treasure for Emma to find, it would have produced an amazing surprise! It’s quite a thrill to discover something cool.

The Con’s: Any more than 10 minutes of searching in the sand is boring if you don’t find anything. But once you’ve found something, and it doesn’t matter what it is, you may not want to stop!

The Pro’s: When you find something, it’s exhilarating, it’s infectious!

How to Impress The Parents

How to make your date fall in love
with this date idea!

When Burying Treasure For Girls:
- If you’re not sure what your partner will like, buy cheap accessories, like ear rings, rings, belts or bracelets / bangles.
- If the accessories have no metal components bury bottle caps with the treasure for the metal detector to pick up.

When Burying Treasure For Guys:
- Money Clips are cheap to find on ebay, or you can get creative and bury a 6 pack of beer, or something funny that’ll make him laugh or impress!

It’s easy to bury anything really, even delicate things that are packaged up in a box, even zip locked in an airtight plastic bag to avoid the sand and moisture. Make sure you add metal to the packaging so the detector can pick it up.

Use decoys to keep your date interested, and have want to search for more:
- Bottle Tops
- Coins

How To Hide Your Treasure So You Can Find It Later:
Plot out a section of beach. In the summer months I recommend areas of beach that are not too busy. If you’re hiding valuables, do so during the winter months as beaches are rarely used, and ensure that you bury your treasure at least 5 – 8 inches below the sand.

Bury treasure the morning of or the night before you take your date out.

Begin with a reference point, a landmark… maybe a sign post or bin nearby that will help you locate the area of beach when you return the following day.

Bury your main treasure first, make sure it’s not too close to the shore line as wet sand may give you a false reading, and you don’t want the tide to come wash your treasure away (if you haven’t buried it deep enough). Also the tide may wet your treasure.

Scatter a couple of coins 3 to 5 metres away (about 7-10 feet) from your treasure. I’d scatter them towards your marker. Only use 2 coins, you don’t want your partner finding coins all day.

Again, another 3 – 5 metres away, scatter some bottle caps even closer to your marker, so it’s easy to find these items as soon as you step onto the beach.

This will help you understand and locate the main treasure much easier. And will make it much more fun as your partner starts finding more valuable things as they move closer towards your buried treasure.

About the Metal Detectors:
I hired the metal detector from Aaron Zanussi at Metal Detector Hire Melbourne located in Melbourne, Australia. Aaron was awesome to deal with – he gave me lots of info about what to expect on the beach…Aaron mentioned that people usually hit the beaches in the summer months looking for lost rings and valuables, so in the winter time it’s rare to find anything fun – and in most cases bottle caps will be found, all true. Aaron thoroughly explained how to use the metal detector, it’s easy, a trained monkey can do it.

Aaron’s hire out of the metal detector will break the $30 Date Night budget. It’s $40, with a $100 deposit which is reasonable. I highly recommend this date idea; but only if you take time to bury treasure. You know your date will be thrilled when they find something. You’ll have a blast!

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