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To blog or not to blog…
the Bourne Identity exposed

For the first post I can say I’m a little nervous of how much to give away… laying out my thoughts in an open forum for the world to see, significantly diminishes my fantasy of being “Australia’s top government assassin,” you know… something that resembles that of Jason Bourne.

alt text

Shhh! … it’s a secret.

I admit it… I don’t possess the knowledge of Jason Bourne, with many failed attempts at transforming a garlic sandwich, a baseball bat and a hair pin into a bomb that could take out a car. Nor have I managed to successfully drive a mini-cooper down a flight of stairs… but I’ll still choose to blame this blog for squandering my fantasy…

Although now reading over what I’ve written, it seems as if I’m assuming people will flock towards this blog and therefore expose me for the assassin “wannabe…” I think for now it is safe to say that my secret is safe, and highly unlikely that I will be walking down the streets of Melbourne and being fingered out as “that’s the part-time assassin and casual blog writer.”

What a relief!

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the Bourne Identity exposed”

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