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To Have and to Hold, and to Buy All the Presents.

Ah, the Christmas season. What I want to know is, where on my marriage certificate was the small print that stated “now that you are my wife, the job of sourcing, buying and wrapping presents for everyone we’ve ever known in the history of the world – including my own family – falls to you. Forevermore. For every birthday, christening, Christmas, wedding, engagement, new birth and more.”

WTF? Last year I even had to shepherd Den to the exact shop to get the exact necklace I had seen because he didn’t know what to buy me “unless I told him”. So, I gave directions, sent pictures, websites, all pointing him in the direction of the said necklace I’d seen, but it wasn’t enough. I had to walk him there like I was helping a little old lady across the road. Also? I couldn’t get him to actually go until about 3pm on Christmas Eve, so when we finally got there they had sold out of the one I wanted. Which meant I had to choose another on the spot on Christmas Eve, surrounded by crabby shoppers… in the end I made him buy me one that was twice the price to teach him a lesson. (So there, Den!).

ANYWAY, long story short, I’ve managed to accomplish EVERYONE’S Christmas shopping and it’s already wrapped and sitting in the lounge room, ready to go. I even managed to get Den to contribute by cutting pieces of sticky tape and handing them to me (not without complaint, mind you).

And I already went with Den to pick my present too. So much for the magic of Christmas, huh?

Is it just my husband, or are all husbands missing the “shopping for the presents” gene? Who does the shopping for your family?

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2 comments for “To Have and to Hold, and to Buy All the Presents.”

  1. Posted by Denis | January 2, 2010, 5:21 pm

    You know I didn’t hear you complain when you were shopping with my credit card.

  2. Posted by Angie O. | December 25, 2011, 8:24 am

    This made me laugh so hard because I relate 100%! And what is this “my credit card” business your husband is talking about? You’re married— you’re one person— your money, her money, his money. It’s all the same. Luckily I didn’t have to wrap my own presents this year (it’s after 3pm on Christmas Eve and my husband is downstairs wrapping my gifts he ordered on Amazon for me about a week ago). But regardless, I wanted to tell you that it isn’t just you. I’m sure there are more husbands than just ours that delegate all gifting and all that that entails to the wife. It kind of makes me in a bah-humbug mood, but oh well.

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