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Using the Mere Exposure Effect to Your Dating Advantage

I wrote in my column a few weeks back about the theory behind Office Romances and why they are so prevalent these days. The idea is that the Mere Exposure Effect dictates your hormones here… the more time you spend around someone, the more attracted you will become to them.

And – obviously – vice versa.

So if you’re looking for love, consider making yourself extremely available to a certain set of people on a regular basis.

Here’s how to try it out in a totally non-stalkerish, restraining order-free kind of way:

Join a Sports Club
What are you into? Triathlons? Rowing? Tennis? Channel your energy and drive into training with a regular club and get to know some other fit funsters while you’re at it. Then sit back and wait for endorphin-soaked training session after training session to work it’s magic.

Take a Class
Something you’ve always wanted to learn? Consider taking a cooking class, language class or even a salsa class. Sign up for the 8-week version of it and make sure you organise a few study groups with your new classmates to maximise Exposure Time.

Pick a Hangout
Whether it’s a cafe, a bar or your gym, pick a regular haunt and, well, haunt it. After awhile you’ll start to see familiar faces, strike up some conversations and maybe even get yourself a phone number!

Anyone else got any other bright ideas for maximising the Mere Exposure Effect?

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