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ABC Dating Challenge

V is for Vegetarian Feast

Our Alphabet Dating Challenge is drawing to a close and it’s getting to the pointy end of the alphabet where the letters are harder and harder to match to an appropriate date idea (X, Y, Z are all giving me cold sweats).

V, luckily, had quite a few options. Most of them food-related. I decided I was going to take Den once and for all to one of my favourite little restaurant gems. The Moroccan Soup Bar here in Melbourne is a bargain vegetarian feast place.. only $16.50 for the banquet at this place, all delicious Moroccan-style cuisine and usually a guaranteed line out the front when you arrive.

Den at Moroccan Soup Bar Melbourne

We’d tried unsuccessfully before to dine there – but always end up being put off by the long wait.

This time, we went for an early dinner. Den and I usually eat an early dinner, actually. It’s like being in training for retirement. We like to dine around 6pm or so… embarrassing to admit, I know.

I could spin you some line about how eating early is better for you because going right to bed on a full stomach isn’t good for burning off calories….

Reality is, we both work from home and so we both get bored and hungry around 5pm so we start making dinner then and before you know it, you’re tucking into your dinner at 6pm. It will be awesome when we have children and want to do the family dinner together at the table.

Anyway. If you live in Melbourne, if you’re visiting Melbourne and want to try a slice of great, cheap food that Melbourne is famous for, then the Moroccan Soup Bar is a great institution to go visit.

We rolled up at 6pm on a Tuesday to find the restaurant not yet open and a line already well-formed at the door. At first we thought we were going to be disappointed again (Vietnamese was the back up plan) but we joined the queue only to nab the last table in the restaurant rightaway. Brilliant!

The space is fun and colourful, it makes a great backdrop for a date.

At Moroccan Soup Bar, there is no need for a menu. Just order the banquet and let the staff take care of the rest. You can bet that 99% of the guests are all on the same deal. And for $16.50, it’s a bargain.

Banquet at Moroccan Soup Bar Melbourne

They start you with warm mint tea (no licence at all here, but then we’re not big mid-week drinkers anyway), followed by fresh pita triangles and a plate of yummy treats including dips – hummus and cauliflower – and olives, marinated carrots, etc.

After you’ve gorged yourself on those, the main courses arrive. We ate too much too early (never been good at self control) but still managed to finish up the three share plates – including the famous chickpea bake made with spices, slivered almonds, tahini, yoghurt and crispy pita chips for crunch.

Just when you think you can’t eat another bite, they tempt you with morsels of baklava and thick, molasses-black coffee to wake you back up again.

Banquet at Moroccan Soup Bar Melbourne

All-in-all a wonderful date night – at almost the right price to boot! (We went slightly over our $30 budget)… the good part is that they don’t even offer alcohol of any kind so you can’t be tempted to blow your budget on just one beer.

Where: 183 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North
When: Lunch: 12 – 3pm, Tues- Sun Dinner: 6 – 10pm, Tues-Sat.
Tel: (03) 9482 4240
No Bookings Taken.

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