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Date Night Reviews

Veggie Bar Date Night

Date night at the Vegie Bar – Melbourne (Australia) – Brunswick street.

I haven’t been to the Veggie Bar since 1997 – things haven’t changed that much in 12 years, still the same place I remember it was. This time around it was my turn to sort out date night; Emma has been on this pescatarian vibe for a few weeks now… it’s killing me. I’ve started looking into walking a cow around with me at all times so I can have my meat fix while she’s vowed abstinence from animal flesh.

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Vegietarians and I don’t mix too well – I need protein (oh, wait… let me rephrase. I need meat). Also, to add – I studied Acupuncture at University – there is no shortage of tree hugging hippies when you study Acupuncture. These frequently found themselves at the vegie bar, wore ponchos, no make up and were completely adverse to any scientific based knowledge because science has no place in acupuncture… oh, the frustration!!!

I knew the vegie bar would take me back to the uni days but I put my differences aside, parked my cow outside and happily walked into the vegie bar with Emma… the end result = yum. The food was prepared well, and the flavours definitely came through – although there was a sense of something missing.

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We walked away with full bellies, two courses each for a grand total of $29! Not bad. It seems like there was no shortage of ponchos, but over the 12 years the place has attracted people other than the usual tree hugging hippy.

Emma was remarkably happy that we hit the veggie train – I had back up meat waiting for me at home just to get myself a quick fix.

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