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Video Game Arcade Date Night Review

So. Den is one of those guys that is constantly on his PSP (that’s PlayStation Portable for any non-gamers and non gaming-widows out there). In classic addict style, he is also in denial that he might have a problem. If you ask him, he’ll tell you that he spends maybe, 30 minutes a day on the thing. Yeah, right. We’re talking minimum an hour and a half a day… When it’s bad (rephrase: when he’s really into a game he adores), we’re talking hours and hours and hours and hours…

So I couldn’t think of a date night more perfect than taking him to a video game arcade and cashing our thirty bucks into coins to spend the evening running around like little kids…

He seemed taken aback that I was a willing participant in the whole thing, and I can’t blame him. The amount of time I spend trying to get his attention while he blithely kills zombies (he has this bizarre game called Dead Head Fred, and as far as I can gather, the aim of it is to collect as many different heads as he can and swap them around as he runs through a graveyard…) and crashes cars (he drives them too, I’m pretty sure. OR races them. OR something.) is ridiculous. I openly hate the damn Playstation and would gladly throw it off our 19th-floor balcony if I didn’t fear the Wrath of Den so much… If I did chuck it overboard, I have a feeling I’d be heading face-first after it! I once accidentally knocked it off the arm of the couch as I walked past and it lost two weeks of data from the memory-card-thingy… he could barely look me in the eye for three days, he was that disappointed with me!!

Lara Croft

The thing is, while pressing buttons on a machine is not really my thing, put a plastic gun in my hands and I’m Lara Croft all of a sudden!

Yeah, I whupped ass. Virtual reality is my thing, I guess… to the point where I was even ducking from imaginary zombies during Time Crisis (I know, what a dork), in which I TOTALLY WON AFTER DEN WAS KNOCKED OUT ON LEVEL 3! GO ME!

We moved through to Daytona (I sucked at it; which was to be expected, I’m not the best driver in the world) the motorbike ones (marginally better) and Point Blank (an old favourite!). We had a blast, had lots of laughs and topped the night off with a strip of old-school photos from the photo booth as a memento. Aww.

Great date night if you’re feeling like having a bit of silly fun! Highly recommend it.

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Fun Factor: 4/5

Overall: A great date idea for burning off some energy, giggling like children and killing a few hours. Highly recommended!

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2 comments for “Video Game Arcade Date Night Review”

  1. Posted by AGE | November 9, 2009, 7:07 am

    Yep this can be fun – its often surprising what your partner is amazingly good at. And what training in the real thing does not help in. I got whipped sword-fighting by my lady who has never drawn a blade.

    Guys if you are ultra competitive then give it a miss unless you are prepared to be humble.

    Many laughs and not bad value.

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