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We Did It! The Worst Date Idea Ever.

It was the date night that was never supposed to happen.

The Worst One Ever, in fact, as voted by users of $30 Date Night.

It was regular user Ming who submitted, a few years back, the date night idea of Cutting Each Other’s Hair. It’s clocked only 1.5 stars on our 5 star rating system, from a total of 474 votes (and counting).

The aftermath

It’s such a bad idea, that even when we attempted the four worst date ideas ever, we omitted it because, frankly: we didn’t want to do it.

But fortune was on our side this week – Den has been letting his hair slowly get out of control lately and he had gotten jack of it. It was ratty, knotty and handn’t seen a hairstylist for at least six months, by my count.

It had to go.

What better time to seize the opportunity to take to him with a pair of scissors and try something fun?

He graciously agreed to let me cut it – in fact, it was his idea. One that seemed good at the time, but as the snip of the hairdressing scissors got closer, he realised what a stupid, stupid mistake he’d made.

I am so not the person to be cutting hair. I have the attention span of a breadcrumb. There is nothing systematic or neat about what I do in life. Cutting hair turned out to be no exception.

If it was a normal trim, I may have gotten away with it. As it was, hacking inches off and restyling? Waaayyy beyond me. I was aiming for a certain rockabilly, James Dean-esque sort of style but I chickened out halfway through and stopped a few centimeters short… which was lucky, because Den’s actual hairdresser said if we’d taken much more off she would’ve had to shave it completely and start from scratch!

He turned out looking more 90s boy band than 50s quiff. A rough version of that. It was not good. At all.

But? We had fun! A lot of fun. Den needed a bit of Scotch to get through the ordeal and it was decided at the end that he couldn’t possibly go a whole week with the style I’d given him, which was the original plan.

We laughed a lot, I freaked out a fair bit. There was A LOT of hair on the floor by the time we were done. And we caught it all here on video for you:

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5 comments for “We Did It! The Worst Date Idea Ever.”

  1. Posted by Rosie | April 16, 2012, 11:48 am

    Great idea, great blog! I’m keen to try some of these ideas. This one we do already – I trim his hair and he combs and dyes my hair – which takes a lot of trust. It’s fun to have a challenge and hair-cutting is something we can hopefully only get better at. And it’s another great way to save money while saving for a house!

  2. Posted by CJ | April 20, 2012, 7:36 am

    Aww sweet though, looks like you guys had a lot of fun :) OPh and i LOVE the wedding photo in the background!!

  3. Posted by Alf | April 20, 2012, 10:12 am

    So I guess the 30 dollars was spent on malt,
    for medicinal use…?

  4. Posted by Wendy Watters | April 20, 2012, 11:42 pm

    Lucky for my husband…he’s already BALD. There is no way this date will work for us (hair being a required element) But thanks for sharing the fun with us. You both kept smiling so it wasn’t that bad!

  5. Posted by Emma | April 26, 2012, 10:52 pm

    @Rosie – thank you! We’re so glad you like the blog. It certainly does take a lot of trust to cut each other’s on a regular basis! We won’t be doing it again (I sucked that much).

    @CJ – We DID have fun! We love that photo too, our wedding photographers were awesome. That shot has pride of place in our bedroom.

    @Alf – Exactly, Den needed something to numb the pain!

    @Wendy – That is lucky for your husband… but I assume YOU have hair….? ;)

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